Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sew It Yourself?

One expensive part of your wedding is that gorgeous gown that you just can't live without. One option is to have a dressmaker sew your dress. Just remember, it won't always be inexpensive, but sometimes it will be worth it to have a gown that fits you perfectly and which is exactly what you want. Also if you are copying a designer dress you will still save significant amounts of money. All the handwork needed on some gowns and the expensive materials can run up the cost of having your dress made for you. To look at some of the patterns available try the following web sites:

Some sites also offer patterns for your garter, veil, headpiece and other accessories.

Welcome to Do It Yourself Weddings

Doing parts of your wedding yourself instead of hiring vendors at exorbitant prices is more and more popular with value conscious brides. This blog is dedicated to helping you navigate the good, the bad and the ugly of DIY weddings. Doing it yourself can bring great satisfaction, but it's critical to not take on more than you can do. In our busy world you need to remember planning your wedding is not the ONLY thing you have to do! Also in the spirit of things remember the important part of your wedding is the vows you and your spouse make to each other, the rest is just a big party. So don't stress over the party part! Now get started, because the one thing about DIY, you can't put it off until tomorrow or expect someone will do it while you nap!  For additional wedding information try joining us at our other site, The Wedding Queen at, the Wedding Queen also has a site devoted to Wedding Cookies, some are DIY some just beauties by the experts! You can find this helpful blog at