Monday, June 28, 2010

DIY Russian Friendship Tea

Russian Friendship Tea

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Make your guests a jar of Russian Friendship Tea for a wedding favor. Served at the Biltmore, this tea is sweet, with a touch of citrus and spice and is perfect to give at winter or even fall weddings.

Russian Friendship Tea Mix Recipe

(Russina Friendship Tea Recipe from Bake It Pretty Blog:)

2-1/2 cups Instant Orange Drink Mix (like Tang)

1-1/2 cups Instant Lemonade Mix (like Country Time)

1-1/2 cups Instant Unsweetened Tea

1/2 cup Sugar

1 teaspoon ground ginger

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1 teaspoon ground allspice

1/2 teaspoon ground cloves

(all spices are the dried, ground kind- not whole!)

In a large bowl, whisk together all ingredients until thoroughly combined. Use a funnel to add one cup of hte mix to a jar or bag. If you want some pretty labels go to: Where there is a PDF file to print with directions on how to make the tea on the back. While you are there take a look at the rest of the great blog and site! You'll fall in love!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Photo Ops You Engineer

Photo courtesy of sent to them by Jessica Loren

Just make your own Mr. and Mrs. signs and you can have your photographer or friends take this cute photo of you and your new spouse.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Wedding Flags

Photo and idea courtesy of Offbeat Bride Website
Posted by Megan and Michele

Photo and idea courtesy of Offbeat Bride Website

Posted by Megan and Michele
Back of Flags above

Another option, Flags with your monogram
Brides everywhere will get wonderful inspiration from Michele at Offbeat Bride who made these great flags for her wedding party to hand out to show their enthusiasm as the bride and groom were walking out of the church.  Michele opted to make them from construction paper, and used her sewing machine to make a seamed placket to put a wooden dowel into.  She said "I put a few drops of glue on the sticks, mainly because she didn't want the flags sliding down the dowels. Then folded the paper around, and did the stitching with a zipper foot- they ended up being fairly tight."  What a great way to let your guests show their enthusiasm for your new marriage!  Shades of Monty Python!  "And there was much rejoicing!"

Photo courtesy of Martha Steward Weddings, where there are template to print.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rosemary Sea Salt Favors

Photo and idea courtesy of Marth Stewart Weddings

Rosemary is the herb of love and remembrance.  Rosemary sea salt favors are perfect for your beach wedding.  Your guests can take it home and use it to make focaccia or to sprinkle over potatoes.  Prepare it using the recipe below, label the container and add an initial sticker and wedding date. 

Rosemary Sea Salt Recipe

Makes 8 cups

This herb-infused salt is fragrant and can be substituted for unseasoned salt in any savory recipe.

Tools and Materials

1 three-pound box kosher salt (about 8 cups)
Bunches fresh rosemary, plus more for garnish

Rosemary Sea Salt How-To

1. In a large, high-sided saute pan, combine salt and rosemary. Place over medium heat, and warm through, about 10 minutes. Transfer salt and rosemary mixture to a container. Let cool 5 minutes, uncovered; then cover with an airtight lid. Let stand at least overnight.

2. When ready to fill containers, discard old rosemary. Fill desired containers with salt, and garnish top and sides with a fresh sprigs of rosemary; seal containers.

DIY Wedding Flowers, Rules for the Road -- DIY and Stay Calm

Do It Yourself -- The good thing about doing it yourself is there are very few rules! But here are a few suggestions that may help you on your road to becoming a CALM DIY bride.

1.  Don't let DIY intimidate you.  Let your creative side out to play.  Remember, this is YOUR day, not a wedding planners, not your mother's or his mother's.  So be creative and be YOU!
2.  Buy your fresh flowers from a local grocery store.  Talk to the manager or manager of their floral departments and let them know what flowers you need.  Be sure they order enough for you.  The prices will be better than getting them through your florist.  Try Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Costco etc.
3.  Consider using creative vessels.  Go wth mason jars, flea market finds or old vases from a yard sale.
4.  Cut stems at and angle.
5.  Flowers should not be more than twice the height of your vase.  Don't let the blooms overwhelm the vase.
6.  Consider using just one flower, or just one color flower with some greenery.  It's less expensive and easier to arrange.
7.  Don't be afraid to ask for help.  A DIY wedding doesn't mean a do it BY YOURSELF wedding.  Enlist the help of parents, bridesmaids, sisters etc. 
8.  Remember, enjoy your DIY projects, especially flowers.  If they are about to overwhelm you, it's time to get a professional to help you out.

Pink and White Easy DIY Flowers

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Planning on using a pink and white theme for your wedding? Want DIY flowers that are fast and easy? Try this pink and white Gerber daisies in a variety of tall and shorter displays. The lower ones are clear acrylic trays with a combination of votives and Gerber daisies (you might want to use battery operated votives for this or be sure your acrylic will withstand the heat from your candles). The tall vases have black rocks in the bottom and the flowers just stack up to the top. The third photo is round 'fishbowl' vases with a floating Gerber supporting a clear acrylic tray. Trays are perfect for your buffet table, especially for your hors d'oeuvres. Fast, easy, and not too expensive! Especially if you are doing it yourself.

Photo and design courtesy of:

Photo and design courtesy of: