Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beach Wedding Centerpiece

Make your own candle centerpiece for your beach wedding.  This centerpiece by Verona is $799 but you can make it yourself for far less by substituting real shells for the ceramic ones they use.  Shells are available online or if you live near the beach hit the boardwalk looking for a shell store.  Spray paint them white and glue to a hurricane.  Add a beachy candle in white (or your choice of colors and voila! A simple and easy centerpiece!

If you are looking for shells, I was in Home Goods today and they had large containers full for less than five dollars! Perfect for this project.  They also had candles and hurricanes.  One stop shopping...except for paint and glue!

DIY Ribbon Pomanders

Want to know how to make these great looking ribbon pomanders? Katie O. posting at Ruffled has all the directions for you.  Ruffled also has other great DIY projects for you wedding.  Head over and take a look, and be sure to leave comments for them about your favorite projects. 

This project looks easy and will save dollars if you buy the ribbon with coupons or on sale.  They are easy to customize with your wedding colors.  Happy crafting!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wafer Paper To Decorate Cookies-A Fast and Easy DIY Way To Decorate Cookies

Black and White Floral Wafer Paper lets you make fancy wedding cookies without piping a lot of icing! To decorate cookies, simply trace the shape of the cookie you wish to decorate with a cookie cutter. These edible, sugar free printed wafer paper designs come in a variety of designs many of which are wedding appropriate. Add a 3 dimensional effect by using small sugar pearls, dragees, sugar decorations and/or edible glitter. Adhere using a small dot of clear piping gel. Voila! Perfect wedding favors or cookies for a your sweet table.

If your wedding is looking for a gilt look, try these gold DIY wafer paper initials with an added three dimensional decoration.  This pattern makes a beautiful cookie for a wedding favor. For added sparkle, we highlighted the filigree pattern with a thin line of super gold luster dust.

There truly is something for every bride!

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words--Or Is It?

If you think your photos might not communicate quite what you want them to make some of these comic blurbs on a stick, just paint some cardboard cutouts with chalkboard paint and your guests can send you a message when they get their photo taken! Fun photo op for you and your guests! See post under  Jescia & Matt's Wedding Extravaganza.

Not shown in this pic are the two photos of the bride and groom's parents looking down with disapproval at the antics of their son and and funny!

Machines to Make DIY Cake Pops, Mini Donuts and Mini Whoopie Pies!

The Daily Grommet once again brings us a great gadget to make a DIY wedding easier! These simple, easy to store and easy to use machines make DIY Whoopie Pies and Cake Pops and Donuts easy to make for you for your wedding day.  They look like a George Foreman Grill but with a different design inside(and you know how easy those are to use!) You could make all your own sweets for your sweet table with thee with just a few days work.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

DIY Lunch Bag for Picnic Weddings

Having a casual or eco-friendly picnic wedding? Make your own colorful and reusable lunch bags for your guests.  These can double as wedding favors and an easy way to serve your food. 

While some DIY experts could make their own patterns, those of us with less expertise will love the directions and pattern available at Haberman Fabric's web site.  Yet another easy DIY project brought to you by The Wedding Queen's DIY Weddings blog.

DIY Moss Covered Wine Bottles

What could be easier? These DIY moss covered wine bottles let you have the fun of drinking the contents and enjoying making them to use as centerpieces for your wedding.  It's an eco-friendly way to re-use wine bottles and use them as vases.  The bottle above was made with moss from the floral supply or craft store that comes in sheets with a mesh backing.  All you have to do is cut the sheet to fit your bottle and hot glue the moss to the wine bottle.  Choose some ribbon to accent your wedding colors and wrap it around the bottle hot gluing the ends or using a product to prevent fraying, and add a decorative medallion. Add a bright flower or two and a little greenery. Simple! Fast! Easy! What could be better? Click the link above to find more DIY projects at Jonathan Fong Style.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Easy DIY Rose Topiary Centerpiece

This DIY rose topiary (just click link for exact directions as well as for other great projects) is easy to make and you can keep costs down by ordering your roses in bulk. The trickiest part is taking the rectangular floral foam and shaping it into something resembling a ball (don't worry, no one gets theirs to look like a ball, more a rounded octagon! But as you add the flowers it will round out.)

The different shades of roses give the topiary extra depth. You use a candle holder with a prong at the base to hold the foam in place and tie a ribbon around the bottom for extra decoration.

My criteria for DIY projects is can I (the queen of messing up DIY projects!) manage to pull it off. The hardest part of this one is cutting the foam and anchoring it (I told you, I'm a real butterfingers!), so as you can see, that shouldn't be too hard for even the DIY challenged like me! Give it a try. You don't have to experiment with roses for your trials. Also you can put the balls and holders together well in advance so you aren't overwhelmed closer to your wedding. Add a couple of candles or votives to the side for an extra accent and a variation in height. Enjoy this fun project!

Chill It With Roses

Rose filled ice cubes are perfect for using in champagne buckets or to chill pretty bottles of lemonades. Use them as anchors at either end of a self-serve bar. This is an easy way to add flowers to your wedding without needing a florist! Just click on the link for simple directions on how to DIY.  Be careful not to use iced roses in drinks unless you are positive the growers did not use any pesticides on them! What a pretty accent for your wedding day or bridal shower.  This is an EASY DIY wedding project. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Daisies and Gingham

Do it with daisies! This simple DIY project (yes it REALLY is simple) needs votive candles, daisies, ribbon, and glasses.  Cut a length of ribbon to fit around the metal rim of the votive candle.  Cut off close to the entire stem of the daisy, open petals and put in glass with water.  Top each daisy with a lit votive candle.  You can have one of these for each guest or run several down the center of your tables.  Definitely pretty in pink!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Home, Paper, Scissors

Home, Paper, Scissors (Decorative Paper Accessories for the Home) by Patricia Zapata and available at has projects for creative brides.  Consider filling the bowls on the cover with cookies or candy on your sweet table.  Or using them to surround a glass vase for a colorful centerpiece with gerbera daisies.  The sky is the limit with this book full of great ideas for the bride who is willing to thing outside the box.

Paper, Scissors, Ribbon, Voila!

Save money on your decor by using these great kits from Paper Source.  This creative paper wreath is perfect for decorating the doors or walls of your venue or church.  It's less expensive than real flowers but shows your creative bent as well.  The best part is all the pieces come ready made in a kit for under $20. 

All you need is a bone folder,double stick tape, and scissors and a little bit of time! Any bride can manage to put these together and have them look like a pro did them. 

Similar items are for sale on at a much higher cost.  The Paper Source also has paper bouquets of flowers that you can use to decorate your tables or use to accent your napkins.  I just love a project that is so easy my eight year old could do it!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

More DIY Wedding Favors In A Jar

(This in Kristan's (of Confessions of A Cookbook Queen) Great Photo! And using those disposable spoons and twine and recyclable jars are just more reasons to recommend this for Eco-friendly brides!)

Desserts in a jar...hmmm...not messy, easy to transport, show off your creativity, yes I think that all adds up to a great idea for a wedding sweet table or wedding favor for the DIY bride. I've seen many versions of these on the web but the one that makes my mouth water is by Kristan at Confessions of a Cookbook Queen. (use that link to find this recipe (with yet more photos as well as the exact recipe) and other creative ideas Kristan offers her readers on a regular basis!) Check out other recipes for cupcakes in a jar as well!

Also don't forget you could use peppermint flavoring with some red food coloring for a wedding with a pink theme. It's all in the details ladies!

Think how much your guests will enjoy both the taste and presentation of this well thought out gift from you and your new spouse. Now head over to Kristan's blog for more great ideas to make your mouth water!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Chocolate to Go

These are so simple.  Buy the jars and sterilize them.  Let dry overnight so they are all the way dry.  Fill with high quality cocoa mix and seal.  Add decorations by using a ribbon in your bridal colors or in brown to accent the cocoa, and add a snowflake punch or if you are having a spring/summer wedding try butterflies etc. (see your craft store for assorted punches).  Add a jewel in the center for a little bling.  This is so easy! Done in two days, and one of those days is the one you spend sterilizing the jars.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

DIY Counted Cross Stitch Ring Bearer's Pillow

Looking for a project to keep your mom or the mother of the groom busy?  This counted cross stitch pillow is a perfect DIY project to keep them, dare I say 'out of your hair?' while you take care of other wedding details? Kidding aside, anyone with some skill at cross stitching can make this pillow for your ring bearer to carry down the aisle.  Personalize by using your own wedding accent colors.  This will become something you can hand down to your daughters for their weddings.

Give Those Mason Jars a Lift--Add Your Monogram Yourself!

As pretty as these mason jars are, check out the upgrade below to see how to really make them pop!

Mason jars are perfect for serving summer cool drinks like lemonades but sometimes it's the presentation that makes all the difference.  Use etching cream (like Armour Etch, found at your local craft store) and make a template by tracing your monogram onto some Contact paper.  Cut out your monogram with a craft knife and stick the Contact paper to the mason jar.  Use a Q-tip for an applicator and put the etching cream over your monogram (use gloves so no etching cream gets on your hands).  Let sit for about five minutes. Rinse and peel off paper, then let dry.  It may look like it isn't etched after rinsing, be patient, it will.  Then wash to be sure all etching chemicals are removed.  Serve you drinks at your wedding in these upgraded mason jars with your own personal touch.  Photo and basic directions courtesy of Southern Bride Magazine.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Rubber Stamp DIY Project For Wedding Showers

Looking for a great way to decorate for a wedding shower? Try this unique idea from the creative minds at Paper Source. 

Start with sugar covering the bottom of a small bowl, then add liquid food coloring until you get your desired color (go slightly darker since the sugar will lighten the color) and add a splash of water, the consistency should be comparable to PVA glue. Just play with it, adding and balancing until you find the right mix.

Then apply the edible paste to the rubber stamp of your choice with a paper towel to control the coverage and gently and evenly press the stamp onto a plain glass plate like the one in the photo.  Let plates dry before stacking.  Once dry you will have no problem stacking for your buffet.  An idea that isn't expensive but sure looks it!

Where to Buy Flowers For The DIY'er

American Floral Distributors says"

     "Nothing says elegance and beauty like fresh cut flowers. When you need flowers in virtually any quantity at truly great prices—there’s no place like American Floral Distributors. We’re proud to be the leading online wholesale flower company serving the public and retailers directly with the largest selection of exquisite flowers in every color and shape shipped directly from the growers.
Whether you’re looking for wedding bouquets online for a single ceremony or bulk flowers for your business or an upcoming event, you’ll find it here—at wholesale prices. plus trade discounts for wedding vendors."

Not only do they provide you with a wide array of flowers to choose from but they also provide items like floral tape, aisle runners etc. for the DIY Bride.

But BEST OF ALL they have DIY Videos on how to make a variety of bridal bouquets and other wedding flowers.  This site is a must use for any DIY bride who is doing her own flowers.  So head over to American Floral Distributors for EVERYTHING you need to create great floral displays for your wedding or other special event.  They even offer wedding vendors trade discounts.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Great DIY Book for Brides

Handmade Weddings available on is full of crafts, easy and hard, for the DIY bride (and her groom).  The book is full of great ideas to inspire you to create pieces for your own wedding.  It offers 50 different projects for you to consider. 

One suggestion. Don't leave DIY projects to the last minute or try to do it all yourself, rope in some friends or a crafty mom to help out and have some fun while you're crafting!

Calligraphy? No, It Just Looks Like It

All photos courtesy of Primele

Patricia Mumau can create your own calligraphy stamp to use on your thank you notes or even the envelopes of your wedding invitations.  Visit her site, Primele to see a variety of stamps available.  Her stamps make this one easy DIY project for any bride.  Partricia also does custom designs work.  Take the time to enjoy her blog as well.  She's one creative lady!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

DIY Chocolate Covered Cheesecake Pops

Caterer Wendy Crispin makes these cheesecake pops that are dipped in chocolate and have nuts on top.  Cut your cheesecake into squares while cheesecake is very cold, nearly frozen, then dip into dark chocolate.  Top with ground walnuts or hazelnuts.  Yum!!! Serve with fruit at the side or with strawberry or raspberry coulee. 

Visit Wendy's web site to find her other catering gems! If you live in the Dallas Texas area call Wendy to caterer your next event.  She offers food that not only tastes good but looks wonderful!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

DIY Stir Sticks

Print out this template to make your own stir sticks for your picnic or outdoor wedding.  Project courtesy of:
Style Me Pretty.  Add the print outs to Popsicle sticks and put in a pretty glass holder near your drinks.  This simple DIY project is so easy every a child could do it! It might be a great way to involve your flower girl in you wedding projects.