Monday, May 30, 2011

Gift Favor Bags with Butterfly Theme

Martha Stewart once again comes through with a DIY project that wows!  These butterfly bags can be filled with soap, stationary, cookies, or almost any favor you can think of or they could be used as bags for your out of town guests.  These pretty bags are made with a green gift bag, an off-white lunch bag, double-sided tape, hot glue, a mini clothespin, a fabric butterfly and name tags.  For specific directions and more photos visit Martha's web site.  I think you'll agree Martha and her staff have once again given us great ideas that are easy to execute.

DIY Fruit Favors For Your Wedding

"We Make The Perfect Pear" as seen on Twig and Thistle make the perfect wedding favor! This DIY project is so easy even I can do it with no errors! Find the directions for making these DIY wedding favors on the Twig and Thistle or purchase them from their Etsy store. The toughest part is picking out the perfect fruit at your farmers market!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Just wanted to wish all my readers a Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy your cookouts or beach trips or the day at the pool. See you tomorrow! Nancy&Bill

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

O I Love O Glasses

See link below for hanging garden for photo and idea credits

I was watching the Nate Berkus show today and some apothocary jars by William Sonoma caught my eye.  He'd filled them with lemons and limes, a nice, clean and bright centerpiece.  This wasn't my favorite part of the bit though.

As he continued the piece about '5 great buys under $50' he had a Riedel Stemless O Glass filled with tulips! What a fabulous idea for a wedding centerpiece. He wasn't featuring it was one of his great buys it was just on the table with some coasters.  But how easy! I know you may be thinking Riedel, wow, pricey.  But various companies like Libby's make stemless glasses that are similar to Riedel glasses but are just a fraction of the cost.  (see the link above to to buy your Libby's Glasses).  Just add flowers and Voila! A modern centerpiece without breaking the bank!

If you want a more personalized look consider etching your monogram into the glasses before adding the flowers.  Again, inexpensive and easy! Remember Me Gifts Online will etch it for you if you don't feel comfortable DIY'ing. 

All right, I admit it, I love stemless wine glasses! I use mine for iced tea, water and wine.  Talk about a multi-purpose piece of glass! Now I can add using it as a vase! I recommend using the inexpensive glasses as a vase, that way you can run them up and down a long table top or have multiple vases per table.  Or etch your table numbers on the glass and add your flowers--double duty!  The ideas just keep coming!  I also found these great photos of using them outdoors to make a hanging garden (top photo and bottom photo). 

For directions on etching try this site.  I looked at a lot of DIY sites for etching and this was my favorite.  I'm sure You Tube has some how to videos as well.  Happy Etching!

DIY Pillow Boxes

Once again Download and Print has provided you with a great and easy to make project for your wedding. This video gives you step by step instructions that are simple to follow and easy for the most inept DIY'er (me). Watch the video and make some yourself. Visit Download and Print for other DIY projects including some great invitation designs.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

DIY Lace Decoupage Vases

Title photo by Rob Brinson for BHG

Remaking boring old vases into delicate looking lace decoupaged centerpieces is an easy DIY wedding project.  (My VERY FAVORITE KIND!) It's an easy way for the bride to make her own floral centerpieces without breaking the bank.  

Simple directions for how to make these lacy centerpieces is on Urban Comfort's web site.  Some Modge Podge and some lace or lacy materal and an old vase are all you neeed to create this feminine cemtepieces perfect for a wedding or wedding shower. 

I can see using this on napkin rings as well to pull together your table design. Why pay to rent a lacy tablecloth when you can have the look of lace by simply adding it to your centerpieces or napkin rings.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

DIY Ombre Wedding Cake Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart Weddings gives you step by step directions for making this unique cake with graduated colors from row to row.  Delicate as a layered bridesmaid's dress.  No need for a cake topper or for added flowers, just the simple cake petals you can make yourself.  It's just like using Play-Doh..come on, if a five year old can do it, so can you!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

DIY Napkin Rings--Easy Download

This simple download template is from Heart of LightDownload the template here (go to file and make sure you select download original so you get the printable version). You'll need Acrobat Reader. Type the names in the provided fields (font is embedded for you) and print out on nice paper. I used 68 lb cream cover stock. Cut out, slightly around the printed outlines.  Add a sprig of herbs (see above) or a flower. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cricut Cake

If you are looking for help making your own wedding cake (OK ladies, I admit, this one is WAY beyond me!) You might want to consider investing in one of these Cricut Cake machines. There are two models, one for home use, one for bakers considering using it professionally. I'd love to have one to use just to make lace edging for a wedding cake or for the winter bride there are some great snowflake designs. Investigate the different cartridges available and the difference in the machines before investing in the machine. Talk to the specialist at your local craft store and find out what their experience with the machines has been. If you purchase a Cricut Cake machine and cartridges with the intent of starting your own cake design business, check local regs on starting any food-related business, also read Provo Craft's policies on the use of licensed cartridges (i.e., Disney) for resale purposes. Disney takes a dim view of using their images for resale. Best of luck! Email me your creations and I'll happily post them, or post your experiences with using the machine.

Sweets From Trader Joes?

This tree made of meringue cookies sold at Trader Joe's is both inexpensive and easy to make.  Of course you could make your own meringues but why not head over to Trader Joe's and get them ready made? No muss, no fuss.  Just add them to these Styrofoam trees.  We've seen these trees with cupcakes before but this is far easier! And we all know, I'm all about DIY projects that are EASY! This fabulous idea from the website Engaged and Inspired where there are even more ideas for sweet looking sweet tables.

Going Out of Biz Sale at Addicted to Rubber Stamps

Just got an email from Addicted to Rubber Stamps notifying me that they are having a 'Going Out of Business Sale' after being in business for 15 years.  Get 40% off everything from rubber stamps to paper, ink, ribbons, paper tools and embellishments and more! Some really great stamps and accessories! Stop in before it's too late.

If you're planning on DIY projects that you need supplies for head to their web site today.  Once supplies are gone they won't be replenished.  So it's first come, first served. Per their email: "It sometimes happens that two customers will purchase the same last item at the same moment. If that happens to you, we will automatically issue a credit to your card."

Saturday, May 14, 2011

DIY Combination Wedding Favors and Place Cards

Are you a chocolate-loving bride? Looking for some inexpensive DIY favors that also act as place cards? This project does both. Smarty Had A Party posted this incredible idea for the DIY bride who wants her DIY projects to be EASY and tasteful.  Some DIY projects look, well, embarrassing!  No bride wants to waste her time or money on a project like that.  This awesome project combines the best type of wedding favors (chocolate, of course) with a simple placecard.  Make a simple circle design on your computer and cut it out using a large circle punch (check craft store sales or EBay for good deals, don't forget to look for coupons) to punch out circles (about 15/page (the circles should be about 1 1/2 – 2 inches in diameter).  Using some double stick tape, put the circle on the toothpick (buying high quality toothpicks will make your job much easier and the cost is minimal!)

Shop for the chocolates on sale after holidays or check your local warehouse store or commissary.  Not the best thing to buy online since chocolate may melt during shipping especially during the summer.  Also chocolates are not the best favor for a summer wedding, again, melting becomes a problem.  Estimates for the total costs: as low as 50 cents/favor.  And your place cards are done as well.  The DIY bride strikes again! (links: Budget Dream Weddings, Ten Thousand Only blog, Knot bride pbell and photographer Teness Herman.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Safari Look Vases

Having a zoo wedding? Or a wedding where you want a jungle look? Consider covering your vases with zebra or leopard print material to include the wildlife theme.  This photo shows Yellow Oncidium Orchids, Green Cymbediums Orchids, Vanda Orchids, Yellow Billy Balls and Chocolate Roses.  The combination with the leopard skin vase gives the tabletops a tropical and wild safari look. 

All You Need is Love Drawstring Bags on

If all you need is love, these 4x6 inches muslin drawstring bags stamped with ornate lettering in sepia tones are perfect to use to fill with candy or other wedding favors.  The listing on Etsy is for six bags, but you can get more bags and if you need changes made contact the artist.  Other designs like a celtic heart and wedding bells are also available if you check the artist store. 

Download and Print Helps You Make DIY Invitations Without the Angst

Download and Print has more invitation sets posted for you to use for your wedding. The You Tube Video above will guide you through using the design step by step.

Invitations come in a variety of colors and designs at this great website to help the DIY bride make invitations without all the angst!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

DIY Downloads For Table Numbers

I saw these table numbers at Flights of Fancy where blogger and artist Betsy White gives you another easy to do DIY project (Thank you Betsy!).  Betsy took the current craze for using chalkboard paint and turned it into DIY table numbers that are both decorative and easy on the budget.  Her download for this project comes with three colors and you can find it on her website.  The frame has delicate flowers that offset the more industrial look of the chalkboard.  Head over to Betsy's site to find step by step directions (with photos) as well as the download link.  I do love an easy DIY project!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

EASY Do It Yourself Monogrammed Wedding Accents

Simple, but pretty and personalized.  What do you need? Some cardstock, a hole punch, 2″ circle punch, and an embosser, SO Easy! (And you know me, I love EASY DIY projects, especially when they personalize your wedding.)

For exact directions go to: Postcards and Pretties where Come On, Ilene! guest posted this great idea! LINK: (Sorry all, but for some reason my 'link button isn't working! So while this isn't a pretty way to post the link, you can at least copy and paste it. Hopefully this glitch will be worked out soon and I'll go back and fix it.)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Puff Pastry Swans

For a flourish at the end of your meal, don't serve wedding cake but serve these puff pastry swans. Beautiful, creative, and depending on your skill level, you can make them yourself. My first attempt looked like drunk swans, so don't depend on your first try for your wedding day. Also this may be a DIY (Do It Yourself)project to have an aunt or friend make for your wedding--it will take time to assemble and you'll be pretty busy the week of your wedding. But if you're lucky enough to have someone willing to make these for you or if your local diner or bakery can make them for you, the dessert table for your wedding reception will knock their socks off!

Pie Pops--An Easy DIY Project

Pie Pops! Bite size nirvana you can make yourself or have delivered to your door from your favorite Etsy vendor.  I found some in an Etsy store, went back to order them later and they were gone! This gives you an idea how popular they must be. So if you see them, and know you want them for a specific date, contact the vendor directly.  (BTW, these photos are from that Etsy store but since they don't have them anymore...just search Etsy, I'm sure they'll be back soon!) Since I couldn't order some I decided to figure out how to make them myself.  I was pleased to find that these are (I hate to say it) a piece of cake.  (GROAN!) These are so easy it's almost a sin NOT to make them yourself. For once a DIY(Do It Yourself) project that is EASY! OK, you all know if you read my blogs that EASY is my middle name (at least when it has to do with DIY projects!)
Some pie pops are plain, others have decorations on them, some are covered with 10x sugar and some painted pie dough, your creativity sets the limits if you're making them yourself. For a tutorial on how to make these great pops yourself go to Luxirare. BTW, Luxirare is an incredible blog just to sit and read for pure enjoyment and to revel in the pure creativity of the author. Another recipe is available at Bakerella. For anyone not into making their fillings for scratch head down to your local grocery store a buy a jar or can of your favorite pie filling. Remember, these are lollipop size so a little filling will go a VERY long way. I also suggest using premade pie crust, it will simplify your life and make clean up so much faster.
If you want something more creative than simple rounds, you can choose other cookie cutters and change the shapes or do what Cake Pop Bake Shop, another Etsy shop did and decorate it. Easier yet, order them straight from them. OK, so I AM Lazy!
No matter how you get your pie pops your guests are sure to enjoy having the option of tasting different flavors and textures of delicious pies at your sweet table.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rustic Look Lighting

Create this DIY candlelit nest of dodder vines by putting a vase within a vase.  Surround the smaller vase with dodder vine and add some feathers or tiny eggs (please NOT real eggs, your candle will cook them!) Take care that none of the vine hangs over the center vase where you will place your candle.  Add a real candle to the center vase (or consider using a battery operated vase if your venue won't allow real candles.)  Always test your centerpieces to be sure the glass is tempered and won't break as it heats up. 

You can buy dodder vine at your florist or from the craft store.  It is green when fresh so allow time to dry it out if you aren't buying it already aged.  It looks beautifully rustic as it ages, and with the accent of the feathers and eggs will make a unique DIY centerpiece from Donna Hay

DIY Hurricane Lanterns in Pretty Pastels

Looking for an easy DIY lighting project for your wedding? Make hurricane lanterns out of kitchen graters.  This DIY lighting design by Donna Hay is easy to make and inexpensive.  You don't even need to buy new graters, just haunt you local thrift store or garage sales for 'grate' buys.  Pick up some pastel color spray paint and some candles and your hurricane lanterns are complete.  This DIY project is so fast and easy that even the most DIY challenged bride can make them without breaking a sweat.  This project has all the qualities I love in a DIY project, it's easy, inexpensive and looks great.  These are perfect for your outdoor wedding or for a kitchen shower.  Just don't use them later to grate your veggies!