Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rose Petals and Tabletops - Easy DIY Project

Scattering rose petals on a tabletop adds 'something extra' to your tablescape, but here's a great way to do use rose petals that will pull everyone's attention to your decor. Grab your hot glue gun and your silk rose petals and glue them to the table runner or organza overlay! Simple. (Though not necessarily fast).  Be sure to leave ample time for them to dry and don't use too much glue or the material will be glued to whatever is underneath it. You can also make bows for the back of the chairs for the bride and groom that are covered with rose petals. Just don't overdo it. If you think doing this on every table is too much, consider using it for your cake table.
Every wedding is memorable for different reasons. Some for the entertainment, some for the great venue, some for the inventive food--but every event should have some memorable very special decorations. If you use this rose petal runner you don't need expensive centerpieces, a simple silver vase with a small floral arrangement or some silver candlesticks will finish off the look. 
Don't forget to use rental products when you can instead of purchasing everything. The runner or overlays you will need to purchase because you'll be adding the rose petals to them--which means you get to keep them! (Not sure what you'll do with them later, although one would be great for Valentine's Day celebrations.)  

Go Green With Your Gift Bags

Photo and tutorial at Made By Teens
Having a 'green wedding?' (or at least making the effort?) Why not make your own out of town gift bags? The gift bags shown are made from newspapers with some doilies and ribbon (oh yes, and a little glue.) For the full tutorial head to Made By Teens and see the step by step directions.
Why enrich Hallmark or American Greetings when you can do it yourself and not only save $$ but impress your guests with your thoughtfulness by doing it yourself?
Fill the bags with packets of granola,  Santé nuts, bottled water or a bottle of Honest Tea, the ideas are limitless! (And don't forget if you have guests bringing children pack them their own bag including Happy Tot Juice from Happy Family or some of their great organic munchies.
Be sure to add maps of the area, some ideas for tourists (we're lucky, we live near Philadelphia, so there is no shortage of ideas), ideas for local restaurants (including some that are family friendly.) Make your guests feel at home. You know you will be super busy the day before and day of the wedding so preparing these bags ahead of time makes them feel like you are thinking of them even at your busiest.

Halloween Wedding DIY Project Idea

Photos and idea from Balancing Home
Planning a Halloween wedding? Here's the perfect decoration... if you are looking for the spooky look without breaking the bank. The author of Balancing Home designed these fabulous glow in the dark pumpkins using Tulip Glow In Dark Puffy Paints and some pumpkins she found in Target in their 'dollar aisle!
Photo credit same as above
Read Megan's post on how to achieve these cool but really easy accents for your Halloween Wedding. Don't you love the photo of what the pumpkins look like in the dark?
BTW, this project definitely meets my EEEBCDI criteria! (Easy Enough Even Bill Can Do It) Better known as my less than crafty husband could do this project and have it come out looking great!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tubs of Flowers

Photo courtesy of Samplers and Santas
Looking for easy flowers for an outdoor wedding? Marly, the wizard (hmm well whatever a female wizard is called) behind Samplers and Santas has solved the problem for brides planning an outdoor wedding who want and easy and inexpensive way to decorate with flowers.
The real genius behind this project? You can use it for years after your wedding, just change out the flowers. I do love a project that has longevity!
Visit Samplers and Santas for other great ideas as well as for the tutorial on how to pull of this project, (I assure you is one of my "EEEBCDI" ("Enough Even Bill Can Do It") project.)
If you can stick the shepherd's crook in the ground, shop for the galvanized tubs (or get the ones out of your garage that you've been tripping over all winter) and choose some flowers you're in business! Oh and then there's the 'secret rock' tip that you can't find out about without going to Marly's web site. (this is a critical tip so don't miss it!)
These tubs are great for marking the ceremony area or to use as a backdrop. I can't wait to head out to get some galvanized tubs so I can make some for my yard (even though we're not having a wedding here!)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mini Sweets You Can Make Yourself

Love cupcakes? Love ice cream cones? Here's a combo in these mini cones of cake and icing and those so cute mini cones. They have added edible glitter to the cones to top them off and take them from ordinary to extraordinary.
The cones can be ordered from Home Chef Marketplace so all you have to do is add the cake batter, bake and top with butter cream and sprinkles. (Oh, and be sure to find a rack to hold them up!) And if you head over to Martha's web site you'll find the link for the cake recipe. How easy can she make it? Everything available.
As a mom I've made cupcake cones for my kids at school, but never quite this fancy. Enjoy!

An Apple A Day?

Looking for a fun thing to serve for the kids at your wedding reception? OK, so you know they'll eat chicken fingers, but this apple treat is perfect for snacking for them, either as an appetizer or a dessert. El hada de papel gives you the simple tutorial on how to make these.
When I first saw it I thought it was a heart painted on the apple, may be with a red icing paint. But when I looked at it more closely I realized it was made from two apples, one red, one green.
They used a simple cookie cutter in the shape of a heart to cut out a red heart shape and insert it into the green apple. Wow! Cute and fun. Frankly I know some adults who wouldn't be averse to these pretty apples. Great fun for weddings or even for moms or school teachers. I love it when something has multiple uses!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

DIY Thrift Store Vases

Thrift shops and garage sales are a great resource for decorating at your wedding reception. Why spend a fortune on vases when you can pick up some inexpensive vases at a thrift store or garage sale, add a little paint, and voila! You have a centerpiece that is pretty and will coordinate with your wedding colors.
Don't forget, mint and coral are big colors this year, so even if your bridesmaids are wearing a neutral color, use vases is these au courant colors and it will give you a nice pop of color without forcing them to own a dress that shouts "BRIDESMAID!" Believe me, they will thank you!
Be sure to spend some time reading Little Gray Fox and Little Foto Fox for more great ideas for DIY projects and more.

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Perfect Mini Appetizers You Can Make Yourself

Photo (cover of book by Peter Callahan)
I know, I've posted these cute spaghetti and meatball appetizers before, but at the time I didn't have a recipe for them. As promised, here is the source!
As I was watching television this morning, I came across Kathy Lee and Hoda and these great mini appetizers--and Peter Callahan's book, Bite by Bite. Of course I only saw it at the very end, so I had to scramble to find out the book's name! Here it is.
I'm sure this book is available online but I'm sure it is also available at your local independent bookseller as well. If not, have them order it for you.
(Putting in a plug here for your friendly local independents, support them.  They work hard to provide your community with a gathering place that encourages you and your children to read!) I always like to support my local businesses. Check and see what the closest independent bookseller is to where you live.
If you live in  the Collegeville area, visit Towne Book Center and order one from them if they don't have it in stock. Ask for our favorite bookseller, Pam Brown Margolis, although if she isn't there any of her great associates can help you out.
Can't wait to try these appetizers out on a crowd. Not sure if I'm going to wait for Thanksgiving or just plan a party before then.
I loved the checkerboard that the meatballs on the cover are served on. This is a perfect DIY project that will make your appetizers look even better! Food isn't just about the taste, it's visual too. (And there are no calories in the visual part of eating!)

DIY Mason Jars Go For The Gold

Gold mason jars? Sure why not? If you've been following the DIY Wedding world, you know that everything and anything is being done with mason jars.
This time mason jars 'go for the gold' as brides turn them metallic using spray paint. Some brides are using them for vases--an easy way to add glitz without renting some fancy stuff from the rental companies or using your family heirlooms.
Photo from Style Me Pretty/Photographer Pictilio
Mason jars gone gold let brides take their DIY centerpieces up a notch while still retaining that 'down home' feel. Go gold, go silver, go bronze, or mix the three. Whatever works for you.
Photo and tutorial from Lovely Little Details
I've seen photos on Pinterest of these metallic mason jars being used to drink from. I love the look, just not sure if I'd want to chance it.  But for decorative vases they rock! It's up to you if you want to take the chance on drinking from them.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Plan A Weekend of Beauty with DIY Products

Photo pinned on Pinterest from this link
Your bridesmaids have helped you do everything from choosing your dress to helping with DIY favors and decorating for your wedding, now it's time to pamper them a little. Can't afford a full day at the spa for them all? Not to worry, I have your answer! I admit, I found the answer on Pinterest... where you can find ANYTHING!
After I found this strawberry peppermint foot scrub on Pinterest, I tracked it down to Erika Katz's book and web site--wow! pretty isn't it? And the best part? Not only does it look and smell good, it works!
Why not make some as a pre-wedding gift for your bridesmaids--just a kind of tiny thank you for all their help. Either that or get together for a 'girls only' weekend. In the middle of all the pre-wedding insanity a day of pampering will make you all feel better. And you know what they say, if your feet feel good, you feel good!
Erika Katz, the author of Bonding Over Beauty,(and a web site of the same name) has some great recipes on her web site that you can have fun making and using as a group for a girls weekend of beauty. You can also find face masks, body scrubs and a variety of other DIY recipes on the Bonding Over Beauty site.
Keep in mind that these won't last forever, so make them and use them up, the DIY beauty recipes will tell you how long they will last.
Here's Erika's recipe for Strawberry Peppermint Foot Scrub
Strawberry Peppermint Foot Scrub
§ 2 cups pureed strawberries
§ 1 tablespoon of olive oil
§ 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil
§ 2 tablespoons of granulated white sugar
§ 4 drops peppermint essential oil
To Make:
Mix all the ingredients well and put into a pretty jar. It’s great to use strawberries in this recipe because they are rich in salicylic acid which helps dead skin shed more easily. The sugar granules also help to exfoliate skin but are super gentle on delicate skin. You can also keep this recipe in the fridge for up to one week.
To use your scrub, simply rub your feet gently in a circular motion, rinse with warm water, and enjoy the results!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pickled Asparagus For Picnic Weddings

Having a picnic wedding? Or an outdoor garden wedding? Need some tasty treats to serve as appetizers?
Why not make some pickled asparagus? These delish veggies offer the tang of pickles but with a twist. Plus they are a little bit more 'gourmet' than your garden variety pickles. Consider wrapping them in prosciutto--yum!
The recipe is also courtesy of Chef's Forum which is a great place to visit and click through all their other great food ideas.

30 asparagus spears
1/3 cup coarse salt
2 quarts cold water
1 2/3 cups distilled white vinegar
2/3 cup sugar
1 teaspoon coarse salt
1 teaspoon mustard seed
1 1/2 teaspoons dill seed
1 white onion, sliced into rings
1/2 teaspoon chili pepper flakes
2 sprigs fresh dill


Trim the cut end of the asparagus spears, and cut into 3 inch lengths. Place in a large bowl with 1/3 cup salt, and cover with water. Let stand for 2 hours. Drain & rinse under cool water, pat dry.

Sterilize two pint size wide mouth jars in simmering water for 5 minutes.

In a saucepan over medium heat, combine the vinegar, sugar, 1 teaspoon of salt, mustard seed, dill seed and onion rings. Bring to a boil, and boil for one minute.

Pack the asparagus spears, tips up, in the hot jars leaving 1/2 of space from the rim.
Tuck one dill sprig into each jar, and sprinkle in 1/4 teaspoon of red pepper flakes.
Pour hot pickling liquid into the jars, filling to within 1/4 inch of the rim. Wipe rims with a clean damp cloth, and seal with lids.
Process in a boiling water bath for 10 minutes.

Cool to room temperature. Check seals when cool by pressing the center of the lid. It should not move.
Label and date; store in a cool dark place. If any jars have not sealed properly, refrigerate and eat within two weeks.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

DIY Centerpieces - Tape and Tea-lights

Looking for an easy DIY centerpiece or favor? Try these tea-lights. How easy is this? This is easy enough your flower girl could help with it! Which makes it a great project if you want to include everyone in your wedding planning and crafting. So simple!
How do  you make it? Just wrap some tea-lights with decorative tapes! These tapes come in a variety of colors and designs so don't be put off if your wedding needs bright colors or the black and silver just doesn't work for you. Have fun!
Use them as favors or just put one at each place setting. Or group them in the center of your table. So many choices for this easy craft!
I'd categorize this EEEBCDI (Easy enough even Bill could do it) but I didn't even make him try it--it's easier than easy! (Followers of my blog know that Bill is my husband who is very non-crafty. I use him to test out each DIY project. Any project that is marked EEEBCDI is truly something simple to make that he has created with no problems!)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Personalize It With Your New Monogram

Looking for an inexpensive wedding favor or a way to decorate your tables? Try these easy to make candle holders that have combined pale green with lilac, purple and brown. The tutorial can be found on the Dollar Tree website. I guarantee this is easy to make and inexpensive as well.
I love things that can be personalized and this simple monogram does the job. So head over to Dollar Tree's web site and see the tutorial. Let me know what you think of the project.
This is an EEEBCDI project (easy enough ever Bill can do it) which means it is so simple that even my husband who is less than crafty could pull this off. So if you are a bride (or groom) who is all thumbs, this is the project for you!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chocolate Fondue For You - A Dollar Store Craft

Photo courtesy of A Subtle Revelry
Do you love Dollar Store Crafts? You know I do. Anything that combines saving money with a usually simple to make craft is right up my alley! (And this one has the addded allure of chocolate so, who can say no?) So today I'm sharing a mini fondue pot idea courtesy of A Subtle Revelry.
Do you remember fondue pots? If you grew up in the 70's you are familiar with these pots, (ours was avocado green to match the kitchen and I'm pretty sure my mom got it with Green Stamps...alas, they no longer give those out!) But I digress. Here is a Dollar Store wedding shower favor (or party favor) that is fun and interactive.
Make these inexpensive crafts by combining a mini candle bowl or incense burner, a small piece of chocolate, a tea light and a small square of instructions and a match tied on the top with a small note saying 'a fondue for you.'
Guests can either use these at your party (you can add more chocolates  and things to dip into the chocolate (fruit? cookies? breads?) or send guests home with them. Either way it's a fun favor for a wedding or shower.
How easy is this? This craft earns the EEEBCDI rating. Which followers of my blog know is a rating that stands for 'easy enough even Bill can do it.' This means I've tested this craft out on my non-crafting husband and he has managed to pull it off.  He particularly enjoyed this one (although an awful lot of chocolate disappeared!) So pull in your groom to help with these or even your dad. Yes, men CAN do these!
Combine a small piece of chocolate, a tea light and a miniature candle bowl together. Top it off by tying with a pretty ribbon, a label and a small match to light the flame. (If you can't find a bowl at The Dollar Store try your local craft store, my Michael's had some.) See! It is SIMPLE! And fun and inexpensive! What a great combo! Let me know how much fun  you had with these favors.