Friday, March 30, 2012

Lace Shorts For The Bride?

Looking for a romantic look for your picnic casual wedding or rehersal dinner? Or maybe something to wear on your honeymoon? Or just a great look for the woman who loves to look feminine? Try taking an old pair of shorts and adding lace as shown above... pretty, feminine, and with the right accessories... a bride could get away with wearing them for a beach or picnic wedding.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jordan Almond Topiary For Your Wedding

Yes, I know, you've seen topiary trees before...the cupcakes, the parasols, but this uses Jordan Almonds, a symbol used in Italian, Middle Eastern and Greek Weddings. 

In Italian weddings the almonds are put in pretty boxes or tulle bags called "bomboniere" that can be personalized with the couple's names and wedding date. Or 'confetti,' a classic way to gift the five traditional almonds to wedding guests. Five almonds are placed inside, each one signifies a wish for the bride and groom: health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity. Read more about these pretty items at Italian Weddings 101.  Learn how to make the classic Italian confetti here.

In Greek weddings the almonds are called "koufeta." They also use little bags, but they are placed in odd numbers on a silver tray. Because odd numbers are indivisible, the bags symbolize how the newlyweds will share everything and remain undivided. .

In Middle Eastern weddings the candy covered almonds are considered aphrodisiacs and are always served at weddings.  (If you serve too many your guests may all decide to leave a little earlier than expects!)

In general, Jordan Almonds have a bittersweet flavor representing life. Sugarcoating is added to wish the newlyweds a life that will be more sweet than bitter.

In my experience, Jordan Almonds frequently mean a trip to the dentist... if you crunch down too hard on one of them.  Serve and/or eat them at your own risk.  Decorating with them is a better option, since you glue them to Styrofoam cones or balls, no ones teeth are at risk but you get the symbolic value.

For a tutorial on how to make the Jordan Almond topiary go to Save On Crafts. These topiary are attractive and perfect for a wedding sweet table, a favor table, or a table with place cards on it.

Rustic White Featuring Fall/Winter Looks

Pumpkin, inexpensive red and white flowers, some greenery and white pumpkins, white burlap, candles and Dollar Store hurricanes and rosettes you can make yourself make the look featured in this post inexpensive and easy for the DIYer.

The white burlap painted with the initials of the the bride and groom surround a hurricane from the Dollar Store, a mason jar, and another smaller jar. Add a small white pumpkin (one of my favorite fall table ad-ons) and you have an interesting tablescape.

The trick to these white pumpkins? They aren't real.  They actually came home from Big Lots you garden variety foam pumpkin in orange (purchase them post Halloween/Thanksgiving the year before and you will save even more) and painted white. You can purchase real white pumpkins (I've bought them at Whole Foods) but availability and perfection and uniformity of size and form are hard to find.  You're much better off going with the fake foam variety. 

This table has a different look sporting a white pumpkin acting as a vase, set in a grapevine wreath with some white flowers, berries, greenery and sticks set on a burlap runner for a change of look for your guests tables.

                                             Photo courtesy of Love of Home and Family

This close up of a floating candle in a vase (again from the Dollar Store) wrapped in white burlap and decorated with twine, a paper rosette and a small stick show you the details of this design. The combination of a variety of table centerpieces, all with the same theme pull this rustic fall look together, perfect through the end of November.

If you're looking for still more great ideas take the time to browse through Love of Home and Family. The website is filled with creative ideas to inspire brides and party planners alike. The details on how to make the centerpieces shown are included there as well.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DIY Fabric Rosettes

Fabric rosettes? I'd never made them before, but there is a FIRST time for everything. My first try didn't come out too well, but the second worked like a charm! (And I mean rosettes not the entire bouquet!) So I just made an extra to complete the bouquet. Easy and nice to be able to make all the bouquets ahead of time, no 'day of insanity!'  There are instructions all over the 'net for different versions of fabric rosettes, just browse and choose your favorites, then get your bridesmaids or your sisters and mom to help make the bouquets and decorations.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Grapevine Balls For Bridesmaids

Like this grapevine Christmas-time ball for bridesmaids to carry? Easy to make, a little hot glue, the grapevine ball, satin ribbon, pine cones and evergreen accents! It can't get much easier.

If you are using silk evergreen and flowers these are easy to make ahead so no last minute insanity pulling it all together. I'd like these for any wintery wedding, from November through February.

What do you think? Would you like to see your bridesmaids carry these? What would you put inside the grapevine ball?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

T-Shirt Barefoot Sandals

Source: via Willow on Pinterest

Having a beach wedding and wondering what your flower girl can wear on her feet? How about these DIY barefoot sandals? How cute! You could make similar ones for your bridesmaids and even for you. (Though not the groom and his attendants!)

DIY Card Box

Making a card box for your wedding? The few items above plus a selection of varied size boxes can turn a few simple items from your craft store into the card box you see below. Go from plain to Lilly Pulitzer Palm Beach glam.

For the tutorial visit the site Chelsea Gets Married.  This site gives you the step by step directions to make this simple yet glam card box. Loving the green and pink combo! A DIY project is perfect in Lilly colors since if you know anything about Lilly, you know her trademark clothing started when she had some simple shift dresses in bright splotches of color designs made to hide juice stains on her dresses. She took the simple and mundane, albeit bright color prints and turned them into a must-have for every woman, including her friend Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy. So if you want your wedding to look like it was styled by the best, this card box will help you achieve that look.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bridal Shower Topiary

I always knew there had to be something else to do with those little parasols they stick in your fruit drinks! Now you know! You can turn them into topiary! Simple enough. Certainly inexpensive. Perfect for a bridal shower. Don't like the bright yellow, pink and green? Choose colors to accent your wedding colors.

For the exact directions visit HWTM Daily Blog (Hostess With The Mostess).  They'll give you the play by play on how to make these topiary and you'll probably also get lost in all the other great ideas found on their site.

I know, if you're a regular reader of my blogs you know I adore topiary, so you know I just couldn't resist sharing this idea with you. Is it for everyone? No. But it is fun, really easy to assemble and brings some bright color to your bridal shower decorations.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hooking Mason Jars

A mason jar is one of the hottest DIY items for weddings in the last year. Add some ribbon and a shepherd's crook and you have a perfect aisle marker for an outdoor wedding.  The photo above is courtesy of The Knot. Fill you mason jar with flowers to coordinate with your wedding colors and voila! An easy DIY project.  Just don't leave these for the bride to do the day of the wedding, rope in someone not in the wedding party, maybe an aunt, cousin or friend who won't be quite as busy as the bride, her mom or sisters.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Easy DIY Lace Luminieres

Lace, glass votives, a little glue and you have some elegant luminaires. Add some mirrored glass and stones for a little extra glitz. Easy DIY project. 

Outdoor Beauty Inspiration Board

Falling in love with wedding inspiration boards on Pinterest! Love the bird theme, from the birdcages to the houses, to the flowers that look like they were just cut in your garden. Perfect for summer backyard wedding.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Pumpkins and Daisy DIY Centerpieces

Loving this pumpkin centerpiece that I found on Pinterest! And since I know I'll misplace it by next fall am posting it for you  now. The initial source for it tells me it's 'unavailable' (and I later found the blogger had ceased posting) so you'll have to figure out the 'how to' part all on your own, or hand it over to your florist to figure out, but it's lookin' pretty easy to do, especially if you're using silk flowers and not real ones.

I suspect your hot glue gun, a pair of scissors and a lot of flowers will do the trick. Remember to pick up your flowers on sale from your craft store. After all, why spend more than you need to?

You don't have to have the same flowers on every table, just a similar theme. Consider using small flowers on gourds or on baby pumpkins.

Even if you're not planning a wedding, this would make a great autumn look for your home for September through November. You can change the colors or even the type of flowers you use, the only limits are your own imagination. Have fun!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wearing Angry Birds

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

Etsy artists can make you unique shoes to wear for your wedding. Are you and your fiance Angry Birds addicts? Here is a unique pair of shoes (found on Pinterest post by Lisa Lightner), perfect for a bride who wants a pair of kick a** shoes to wear either with her gown or as she leaves her reception.

Sure, you can wear Converse, plain or hand painted, or high heeled Nikes, or a pair of hot color ballet shoes but Angry Birds, well they just 'say something.'  Are you a gutsy bride who wants to really make a statement? If so, these are YOUR SHOES! Angry Bird Shoes, made by Assassin Apparel. Go to Assassin Apparal's Etsy shop to buy these and other great fun shoes.

Not quite 'your thing' for your wedding? Why not pick up a pair for fun summer wear. Great with the primary colors you'll be wearing, especially those jeans in great colors.  I suppose you could wear them with boring 'same old' denim but WHY?

So order yourself your own pair of 'angry bird' shoes and GAME ON!

Heart Shaped Save The Dates

Save the Date Design and Photo link

If you have the time and want to put the effort into some great save the dates, these 'weave your own' save the dates tell the story of the couple getting married or you can use a photo in it's place. For directions, visit DIY Wedding.  If you have to read another DIY wedding blog, this is one of the best. So, I'll share my readers because I'm here to help you plan a kick a** wedding, and if you're into DIY this is a great site! Creative wedding ideas for the DIYer.

The tutorial is on their site for this personalized save the date card, but be warned, if you have to make 100 of these, it's going to take awhile! Get started now.  Also be sure to check how much the postage is on these before you mail them. It would be a shame for them to be returned for insufficient postage.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lace and Peonies Inspiration Board

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

Just one look and you'll fall in love with all the great ideas on this inspiration board. From gorgeous lace and pearls to a wedding cake decorated with peonies, this board has something for every bride to love.  Shabby chic candle light gives the whole board a romantic look (which every wedding should have!)  A pearl necklace, classic and elegant and a great bouquet round out the board. What do you think? Is it you?  Leave us links to other great inspiration boards you love or some you've personally created under the comment section below. Thanks brides!

DIY Petit Fours

Photo and tutorial courtesy of Cake Journal

Ever wonder how bakeries make those gorgeous little petit fours? I know, it looks so hard.  But actually if you follow Cake Journal's tutorial (found at this link) it's, dare I say it? A piece of cake!

This tutorial not only gives you a step by step process but if you read the comments you can avoid the pitfalls other bakers have run into.  There are lots of great suggestions to help you make these petit fours successfully.

You can use almost any pound cake recipe as the base for these.  Choose to use an unfilled petit four or fill them with raspberry or apricot jam. 

You can also decorate using an assortment of tools, some you buy at Michael's or your local craft or cake decorating store, others you can make at home using something you already have on hand.

Let me know how your petit fours turn out.  Did you add flavoring?  What color icing and flowers did you use? 

How To Make A Gumpaste Teacup

Photo and link to tutorial from Make Fabulous Cakes

Ok, we all know I've overdone the topiary diy projects and the mason jars, but this is the newest trick! Thanks to Make Fabulous Cakes you (and I) can make these gorgeous gumpaste teacups and serve them with a small cake and teapot cake for a wedding shower or other ladies luncheon. 

Photo courtesy of Make Fabulous Cakes

You'll find the tutorial (which has great step by step easy directions) at this link. Make a teapot cake and a small layer cake and you are good to go!  You can use this for showers or birthdays, any time 'the ladies' are getting together and you want something special.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cupcakes At Your Wedding? Why Not?

Have you considered having a tower of cupcakes at your wedding instead of a traditional wedding cake? Or maybe a single 'cake top' surrounded by cupcakes for your guests? Towers of cupcakes are not only economical but they're easy to do yourself.

Is a cupcake tower right for you and your wedding? It's something to think about.

The biggest benefit of a cupcake tower is the cash it saves you. And if you're like most brides saving money is high on your list of priorities. According to the experts at The Bridal Association of America the average wedding cake cost $543.00.  A mid-range two to three tier cake in common flavors like vanilla, chocolate, lemon poppy seed, or carrot cake with either butter cream icing or fondant decorations cost is about five to six dollars a slice (ouch!) and goes up to approximately ten dollars a slice for fancier cakes.  Cupcakes are approximately two to three dollars each depending on how extravagant the decorations on it are. Now you see why cost ranks high on the reasons to consider having a cupcake tower! A cost quote for a cupcake tower for a wedding is $370. This includes 200 cupcakes (75 vanilla, 50 carrot cake, and 75 red velvet). In addition they offered two small cakes nicely decorated, to cut at the reception, one to save for the couple's first anniversary. Don't forget venues also often tack on a 'cutting fee' to slice your wedding cake, so you need to add that cost to the $543.

The best part of a cupcake tower is you really can do it yourself! While most of us lack the necessary skills to pull off an elegant, multi-tier wedding cake, cupcakes are 'a piece of cake!' Decide on your flavors, taste test, and then test designs for decorating. The Internet is full of ideas for easy cupcake decorations, just choose the one that suits you best. Add some candied violets or pretty ribbons to make your cupcakes stand out.  Also consider some of the great cupcake wrappers that are available today. Many of these are laser cut in a design to fit your wedding's theme.

As a DIY bride, transporting a multi-tier wedding cake would be tricky. Cupcake towers are easy to assemble at your reception venue.  You don't have to worry about taking that corner too tightly and the cake crashing into pieces!

Along with not needed to pay your venue to slice your cake or have someone on hand at your buffet to serve the cake. Guests can easily serve themselves from a cupcake tower. No extra forks needed! Not only that, it's easy for guests to take their cupcake home if they wish.

One of the best things about a cupcake tower is you can have a variety of cake to suit every taste. If your groom wants chocolate, it's easy to combine with vanilla cupcakes, lemon or assorted other flavors. While you can switch flavors with cake tiers, it doesn't  give you cake a cohesive feel. Cupcakes almost beg to be served in a variety of flavors!

Are cupcakes for you? That's up to you and your groom. But it's certainly something to consider.  Especially if you're a diy bride on a budget!

Bombes Away!

Photo and idea courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Love all the pretty colors and tart flavors of sorbet? Why not make these beautiful 'sorbet' bombes to
serve at you r wedding or wedding shower? Just use your mixer to soften up and smooth out the consistency, spoon it into your favorite containers and then freeze.  (Overnight is best.) Then remove from the mold, slice a beautiful piece of your favorite flavor and enjoy! Use any combination of flavors to make them visually eye-catching.  Also make several in different containers and with different flavors to suit every guests palate. You can also use ice cream instead of sorbet, but we like the cooling flavor of the sorbets.  Serve alone or with a 'baked' wedding cake.