Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sparkling Water For Weddings

An easy DIY project for your wedding is to make your own sparkling water.  The bottle shown is pomegranate sparkling water from Ruffled's DIY wedding projects.  This simple project  repurposes bottles from Ruffled's web site and combines looking good, with tasting good and doing good by recycling bottles and adding your own pomegranate sparkling water.  A perfect message to convey to your wedding guests on your special day!

Design your own labels with a pink background to accent to color of the pomegranate sparkling water.  Ruffled has links for templates for the labels to make this project fast and easy.  The template includes a thank you sticker that you can add to the seal your bottles.  Visit Ruffled for additional directions and other great wedding day ideas.


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Nancy Vecchione and Bill Vecchione said...

Glad you like the site, look forward to having you visit frequently.