Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DIY Nautical Theme Wedding Invitations

   Love nautical themed weddings? These DIY wedding invitations found on Pinterest (credited to 1.bp.blogspot.com) look easy to make. Plan your template and cut and paste(and of course print the invites in navy ink!). I couldn't find the primary link for this other than what's posted, if anyone has it let me know and I'll link it.

Pretty Placecards

Photo courtesy of: Marie Claire Maison

Looking for a pretty and fresh looking yellow placecard? These lemon boats from Marie Claire Maison are perfect for a summer wedding, just adjust the sail colors to suit your wedding colors.  Scatter some flowers nearby for polish off the look.  I'd add the flowers to my placecard table, but you could have a seating chart to direct guests to their table where place cards would then be at each seat.  Way to go Marie Claire Maison

Saturday, February 25, 2012

DIY Topiary Balls - Perfect for Winter Weddings

DIY topiary balls are one of my favorite ways to decorate. Whether its for the holidays, a party or a wedding you can use topiary to make diy decorations that are really pretty easy. 

The topiary ball shown above has been pinned with eucalyptus leaves and cranberry.  Either hang it from a doorway or let a bridesmaid  or flower girl carry it down the aisle in lieu of a bouquet or basket of flower petals. Perfect for winter weddings, especially if you're getting married around Christmas or Valentine's day. 

The wonderful thing about eucalyptus? You can pin it well in advance and just add the cranberries at the last minute, because you can use dried eucalyptus from your closest craft store. (We like Michaels). 

Be sure to take advantage of their coupons and sales during the year before your wedding.  And if you happen to be a teacher Michaels honors some other craft store's teacher discount cards.  You might as well save as much money as possible!

Don't forget to check the other topiary DIY posts on my blogs... I know, I'm a topiary addict! I have no excuses! But the good thing about that? It gives you lots to choose from for your wedding.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wine, Candlelight... Centerpieces!

Ever wondered what to do with all those old wine corks you have accumulated after ALL those parties with friends (yes, I know, you didn't drink all those cases of wine all by yourself! Sure you didn't!)How about this great DIY project?

Anyone can do it, it's a SEEBCDI(as my older readers know this means its 'so easy even Bill can do it' (Bill being my ever patient husband who is all thumbs when it comes to crafting who tests out just how hard (or easy) a DIY project is.) I promised him ... well we won't go there... lets just say he is well compensated for being a craft guinea pig! Anyway according to Bill this is 'a piece of cake' (wedding cake that is!).

So if you're not too crafty but want a DIY centerpiece or accents for your wedding, try this centerpiece out. Oh, and btw, sometimes Whole Foods collects old wine corks so you aren't FORCED to drink all that wine! I know, it would be such a hardship to share a few bottles with more than a few friends! So party on, don't drink and drive, and you'll love how easy this project is! You can find the tutorial here, at two twenty one.

DIY Shabby Chic Votive Candles

Photo and tutorial courtesy of Fellow Fellow

Love the look of these DIY shabby chic votives? The web site Fellow Fellow has a great tutorial on how to make them. The great news here is this is an EEEBCDI (Easy Enough Even Bill Can Do It) which as my readers know means ANYONE can do it, even my husband whose crafting nickname is Bill All-Thumbs. (Ah Bill, you know I love you anyway!) Any guy who helps test out bridal craft projects gets an A+ in my book! 

Anyway the entire tutorial is on the Fellow Fellow site, so head on over there to see the details. I just share enough of the idea to whet your appetite, but I don't post the details because they're theirs and you SO want to head over there to Fellow Fellow to see the necessary details of the tutorial and the rest of their great ideas as well.  

I will however post this heads up--you might want to use the battery operated votives candles in these(sold at your local Bed, Bath and Beyond and lots of other similar stores), safety above all else. Would hate to have the fireman showing up at your wedding reception!

I'm sure Fellow, Fellow will become a bookmarked and frequently visited site even after your wedding is over.

DIY Calligraphy (The Easy Way)

Always loved calligraphy but can't quite master it? Head to this site to learn all the details on how to create fake calligraphy! A thing of beauty! And way easier than trying to learn all the fancy ups,downs, ins and outs of actual calligraphy. 

Or if even that is too complicated for you, you can download the font (shown below) for fake calligraphy created by Jones Design Company.  What bride has the time to LEARN calligraphy?  And who wants to pay a calligrapher to $$ to do it?  Here's the link! You're on your own!  Be sure to read comments if you have any problems downloading.  

All photos courtesy of Jones Design Company 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Chicken Hearted? Or A Heart Shaped Egg?

Heart Shaped Eggs...cute!

Photo from dailydawdle.com

OK, I make no guarantees this tutorial for a heart shaped hard boiled egg will work, but it sure would be cute for food for a shower or wedding reception! I mean I have NEVER seen anyone serve heart shaped eggs at a wedding reception have you? Of course you could live without it, just like you can live without those matches with the bride and grooms initials and wedding date, but hey, it's a wedding right?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Over The Top Cupcakes

Photo courtesy of Bakerella

Springerle cookies make great wedding favors but that's not the only thing you can make with springerle molds or stamps.  Why not use these molds to make fondant tops for your cupcakes?  Bakerella, the queen of cake pops, another wedding favorite you'll see all through this wedding blog and probably every other wedding blog, has figured out how to use her springerle molds to top cupcakes. Such a smart lady!

Photo courtesy of Bakerellla

Want to learn the details of just how Bakerella made these beauties? Head to her website where she takes you through it step by step.  These cupcakes are topped with pressed satin ice fondant colored with rose gel icing color from Chefmaster.  Just press the fondant onto the springerle press, then peel the fondant off and cut with the right size circle using a cookie cutter.  Place on top of your cupcake and voila! These cupcakes won't need fancy cupcake wrappers that cost you a fortune, their decorative look is all from the fondant topping.

Photo courtesy of Bakerella

If you'd rather use your springerle for cookies, think about using it to ice the cookies instead of pressing the cookies.  Use the same process except you place it on top of a shaped sugar cookie instead.  The heart shaped springerle mold is available here. Again, easier to manipulate the fondant than the usual springerle cookie dough but with the same wow! effect.

Photos courtesy of Bakerella

Whichever option you choose, springerle stamps are sure to make your cupcakes or cookies a big hit.  Thank you Bakerella! Is a new book in the offing? 101 Ways To Use Springerle Stamps?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Anaglypta? OK I'll Bite...

Photo and idea from Martha Stewart Weddings

Anaglypta...OK, I admit, I had NO idea what it was. When I first saw this I thought it must be the name of one of the flowers. But it turns out I was wrong (just goes to show I'll never make it as a florist!) But fortunately the crafters at Martha Stewart Weddings are smarter (and craftier) than I am.

But this DIY wedding project is so easy EEEBCDI (Easy Enough Even Bill Can Do It). Regular readers of my blog know I sometimes test out how hard a DIY project is on my husband, the quintessential craft DIYer with two thumbs. Sure give him a project around the house, he's great, give him a computer, he'll fix it, but crafts...NOT! You do not want him working on your DIY project, unless it's a EEEBCDI project. And I admit, I'm not big on hard to execute projects either! But this project either of us could do, so if you teach nursery school you can probably use this as a Mother's Day Project for four year-olds that's how easy it is.  

Back to Anaglypta. Anaglypta is actually the name of embossed wallpaper that is meant to look like costlier plaster or tin for walls or ceilings that was commonly used by the Victorians. Wow, who knew? Probably my great grandmother! But how can you use anaglypta? Just wrap it around a simple vase to upgrade it to more expensive look...just like the Victorians but not on a wall or ceiling. This is an really easy way to transform simple vases into unique, one of kind centerpieces for your wedding. Give it a try! 

To find specific DIY directions visit Martha Stewart Weddings. It's simple, effective, and inexpensive. The perfect DIY project!

Take a Simple Invite Over The Top

Photo and idea courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Want to take that plain DIY printable invitation to the warm and welcoming DIY project that makes your guests know how excited you are to invite them to join you to celebrate your wedding day? This simple stitching projects requires plain wedding invitations that you can print yourself (buy them at your local craft store, we like Michael's or at your office supply store like Staples.) Then add some pink yarn (or yarn in the color of your choice, a lined envelope and use a hole punch to poke holes in to sew the yarn through. Simple, effective and welcoming for your wedding guests.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Highlight Your Menu

Photo and idea courtesy of Veronica Sheaffer at My Hands Made It

OK, we all want that DIY  project that will set your wedding apart.  Veronica Sheaffer, the creative genius behind My Hands Made It shows you how to make this attractive menu for your wedding day.  This is the link to her tutorial on how to make it in case you can't figure out how to do it on your own.  

Heart Beet Ravioli?

Photo courtesy of My New Roots

Heart Shaped Beef Ravioli? OK, I admit, I have never been a big beet fan. I blame this on a childhood of pickled beets from a can (yuck!) But this beautiful (and tasty) beet recipe for Heart Shaped Beet Ravioli from  My New Roots not only look great but the taste is like no ravioli you've ever had before!  

Photo of stuffing for Heart Shaped Beef Ravioli Courtesy of My New Roots

Don't know just how to make these? The exact recipe for both the stuffing and the outer beets and pesto oil can all be found on the My New Roots web page where you'll also find yet more delish recipes (though not all in romantic heart shapes!)  Be sure to take your time browsing through the rest of the site while you are there.

This creative use of these candy-striped beets just blew me away! So if you're looking for a romantic but healthy option for food try these heart-shaped beet ravioli.  I fell in love with the ravioli! You will too.

Looking for a dough based beet ravioli? Not to worry.  Head over to Petite Kitchenesse where they'll show you a different version of beet ravioli.  Never let it be said I don't offer you options! These are beet and  chèvre ravioli.  Head on over to find their recipe and read the comments for how to keep the 'beetness' or red color in your ravioli.

OK, now you have it, all the beet ravioli you can stand! Till next year anyway! 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Silver and Lace Nail Polish

Looking for the perfect look for your nails for your wedding day? Why not try this silver and white look shown on YouTube video pinned by Silveretchgaray on Pinterest.com

Don't you love the pretty lace look this gives you? At the end of the video she recommends her blog, be sure to head over and hear her tips and trips on nail art.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Peacock Pins

As some of you may have noticed, I've fallen in love with Pinterest.  And for the peacock brides out there Pinterest is full of great ideas for your wedding.  This wreath (shown above) would look great on the doors, walls or windows of your venue. The purple ribbon used for hanging it is the perfect accent for the bright blues, greeens and browns. 

The DIY pencil (or pen) above is an easy accent to put next to your guest book.  Any level DIYer can manage this one!  From Pinterest.

For the men in your wedding party, try this colorful boutonniere.  Easy to make and inexpensive. 

See this more elaborate boutonniere, also posted on Pinterest.

Looking for another small but pretty accent? See the hair clip below.  Another way to bring the color of peacocks to your wedding without going overboard.

Photo from etsy.com

Want to add some peacock feathers to your bouquet? Try the look below.  Again, Pinterest has provided this great pic!

Photo from Pinterest

More peacock photos to come, or spend some time on Pinterest yourself, it's a treasure trove of wedding photos and ideas.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pink Ombre Cakes

Photo courtesy of Eddie Ross

Eddie Ross' web site has a tutorial on how to make this beautiful pink ombre cake that's perfect for your wedding or shower.  Eddie's site is full of great ideas for your home, your entertaining and all things beautiful.  Anyone can make this cake using Eddie Ross' easy tutorial.  Try it.  Why pay a pro when you're just as professional with a little practice and a great tutorial?

Don't forget to visit Eddie's Facebook page too.  Lots of great info, photos and ideas.