Sunday, September 29, 2013

Mason Jar Luminaries

Photos courtesy of beyond/beyond
This simple DIY project lets you make mason jar luminaries from three items. A mason jar, tissue paper, and a battery powered votive candle.
Photos courtesy of beyond/beyond (link above)
Simply line the mason jars with your favorite tissue paper to coordinate with your wedding colors and add the votive. Use them to line the church aisle or for outdoor weddings to mark the aisle or along the side of your aisle runner.
Photos courtesy of beyond/beyond
These luminaries are perfect for outdoor weddings, especially weddings on the beach or in a park. It gives a burst of color and light and adds some design to it. These are an EEEBCDI project. For new readers that means 'easy enough even Bill can do it' which means I had my husband who is very un-crafty try it, and he had no problem pulling it all together. So for the un-crafty bride this is a perfect project.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Disney Wedding Idea

Photo from Style Me Pretty Photographer Marianne Wilson
Having a Disney wedding based on Beauty and the Beast and looking for a disney wedding idea for centerpieces? While a Disney wedding isn't for everyone, more and more brides are growing up with the Disney Princesses so it follows that more weddings will have a Disney theme--after all every bride wants that happily ever after ending!
Beauty and the Beast offers easy centerpieces that you can either make yourself or have your florist pull together for you. Shades of Belle and the Beast! It only takes two roses and a book covered with a glass dome! Simple! You could even use silk roses so you don't have to worry about spillage. So if you are a Disney lover planning a wedding based on Belle and her Prince, this is the centerpiece for you!

DIY Wedding Shower Project

Photo courtesy of Zakkalife
Looking for a DIY wedding shower project? Are you planning a wedding shower but want to add some bling? Why not try this trick on your plastic silverware? Add some rhinestone stickers to each fork, knife, or spoon. Display it in a cute holder with some color coordinating ribbon or tulle and you are good to go! A fun way to bling up a shower! This is also a great way to bling up a little girl's birthday party.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

DIY Peony Centerpieces

Photo by Camryn Clair used courtesy of Hostess With The Mostess
If you love peonies this DIY centerpiece will capture your heart. It's perfect for weddings or wedding showers, or just a pretty luncheon or dinner party. 
To make these you will need taper candlesticks, some floral foam (to keep the flowers hydrated), and a floral knife and floral clippers (oh and some water to soak the foam) and your peonies (you can use any flower that opens to approximately the same size as a peony.)
If you need step by step directions head to Hostess With The Mostess where she has a full tutorial. This is an easy to make centerpiece that you can pull together ahead of time (cut the foam, buy the flowers) and just quickly add the water and flowers on the day of your wedding or even the day before. Have fun!

Easy Holiday Centerpieces

Photo courtesy of images at yandex
Holiday centerpieces for Christmas weddings don't get any easier than this. An upside down wine glass, some holly with some nice red berries and a small red candle.
You can either have one at each place setting or group them in the center of the table with some votive candles around them. Or consider running them down the center of an oblong table with either a mirror or red table runner under them. So easy!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Easy Do It Yourself Centerpieces

Photo courtesy of Lovely Wedding Day
Making your own centerpieces can be as easy as floating flowers and candles in water. Secure your favorite flowers, roses, orchids, tulips. You don't have to use real flowers, silk will do, which makes your timing much easier.
You can make these ahead of time with less worry of dying flowers. Anchor the flowers by either gluing to the bottom of your vase or by using floral stones. Add a floating candle to the top of your design and voila! The perfect centerpiece is ready to be put on the table, just waiting for the reception to begin and candles to be lit.
Photo courtesy of Lovely Wedding Day
Be sure your vase is tempered glass so that it won't shatter when the candle has been lit for awhile. I once arrived at a wedding just in time to see all the centerpieces shatter one after the other. That's a mess you just don't need on  your wedding day. These easy centerpieces can be clustered in a group or used as a single piece. Add some votive candles on a mirror to add some depth.
See more DIY centerpieces at WDW (Wedding Day Weekly)Blogging For Brides.

Midas Touch Turns Everything to Gold

Photo by Lee Mae Marie
Looking for an easy way to glam up your wedding and go for the gold with centerpieces? Make some glitzed candlesticks. Buy inexpensive wooden candlesticks (you can pick some up in the Dollar Store or your local craft store), paint them gold, then cover with gold glitter. Easy and gives you a wow factor.
If you just want a gilded look, head to Lowe's and buy paint called "Midas Touch" that will give anything you paint with it a gilded look.
You can also upgrade some old vases by using some Midas Touch gold paint and painting a design on the clear glass--upgrade those vases with just a few touches of your brush.
Have boring table numbers? Add the glam with Midas Touch. They will go from ho hum to wow in just a few minutes.
Edge your chalkboard with Midas Touch to add some glam to your chalkboard. The uses are endless!  Add you ideas for using Midas Touch paint for crafting for weddings. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bleach Bride Tee Shirts

Photo courtesy of Something Turquoise (if you use instagram or twitter use #DIYSomethingTurquoise)
I can't take credit for this one but it was so good I had to share it with you. These bleach bride tees are perfect and so simple! A little Clorox bleach pen on a pretty tank and you're good to go! Great for your bachelorette party or as a way to ask someone to be in your wedding.
The full tutorial is at Something Turquoise (be sure to read it through because it has some great tips in it)(not to mention all sorts of other great ideas, this is a must bookmark site!) so visit and see all the other great ideas as well as the tutorial on these great shirts.