Friday, August 31, 2012

Easy DIY Project - Quick, Simple and a No-Brainer!

Looking for an easy to make wedding favor (or even a way to decorate your tables?) Try these simple votive candle holders, wrapped in a thick yellow ribbon bow with a silk daisy hot glued to the ribbon. Simple right? Yes this is an EEEBCDI project. For the non-crafty out there who need a simple project that looks great this is IT! Simple, fast, and ends up looking great. What more could you ask?
**EEEBCDI stands for 'easy enough even Bill can do it.' I test how hard a craft is out on my 'non-crafty' spouse. He really rocked this one! Not to mention for some reason men love hot glue guns! So if you are looking for something your fiance or non-crafty friends can help you with, this is the project for you! Look for other EEEBCI projects throughout my blog.

Fruitsicle Desserts For Showers or Healthy Snacks

Photo courtesy of Parents Magazine
Fall in love with these heart kabobs or 'fruit pops.'
Love the heart shapes (make it perfect for a wedding shower) or even for a wedding day. Just use a heart shape cookie cutter to make the 'hearts' from watermelons, cantaloupe, or honeydew melons. Make an opening with a toothpick. Then slide them onto Popsicle sticks! How easy could it be?
If you're a teacher (or a mom) these make great school snacks for Valentine's Day. Add the citrus yogurt dip to make it more fun (and a little messy for the kids!)
No matter where you are serving these, the heart shaped healthy snacks will make your guests (or kids) happy!

Looking for more fruit ideas for weddings? Here are just a few of our favorites:

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DIY Boozy Fruit Centerpieces

Possibly the most unusual centerpiece I've ever seen is this 'boozy centerpiece' posted on Offbeat Bride by Catherine Clark (aka Superman)The couple, Drew and Kyle are possibly one of the most unusual I've seen. They took Mason Jars (yes, I know, I can hear the groans...NOT MORE MASON JARS!) Yes, MORE mason jars. But these are better--they are filled with boozy fruit. Can you say YUM?
The couple was having a brunch wedding reception and put these out as centerpieces so guests could snack at will. Bamboo skewers allowed each guest to easily access a piece of fruit.
How do you make them?
"Two months prior to the ceremony, we bought a variety of fruit at the local farmers' market and a bunch of booze (whiskey, gin, vodka, and rum) and made about 20-25 mason jars of alcohol-preserved fruit. We stuck bamboo skewers on the top of the jars we placed in the middle of the tables, and let guests pick at it as they pleased, and take home whatever jars they liked."
Sounds simple huh? Dare I say EEEBCDI? For those who read my blog on a regular basis I test DIY projects for how hard they are to execute by having my husband (Mr. Non-Crafter) try them out. Any project that rates at EEEBCDI rating means it's safe to let your groom loose on this project or if you are 'less than crafty' it's a great one for you as well.
Love using these as centerpieces or even as favors for your wedding. They are sure to be a hit with your guests whether they eat them during your reception or take them home to enjoy.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Practical Guide To Your Wedding - An Unusual Wedding Program

Have you ever gotten a wedding program that you just tossed aside and barely looked at? The guide shown above is sure to pique the interest of your guests as they wait for the bride to walk down the aisle.
How do you do this? Not only do you need to put the usual info inside but something to grab their attention and make them keep reading. Think of things that are personal to the bride, groom and wedding party. Add some small bits of info to make your guests smile and keep reading as they wait for the wedding to get started.
Not only that, this is a perfectly simple wedding program to put together yourself. No fancy graphics, just black and white basics -- practical but fun!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

DIY Metallic Quatrefoil Luminaries

Photo and Creation by Stephanie Lynn
Love this luminary created using a Silhouette machine and some spray paint. To get the look you do need the Silhouette machine. I've seen some on other sites though that used a pre-cut piece of paper as the stencil. So if you don't have a Silhouette already, it might be worth looking for some paper you can use as a stencil instead of investing in the Silhouette. (Yes, I want one too, but... expensive!)
You can make these metallic quatrefoil design in a variety of colors and you could even use a different design. The tutorial can be found on this By Stephanie Lynn link.
By Stephanie Lynn has a lot of great ideas for weddings or general crafting so take the time to bookmark and browse her site.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Buckets of Love

Pinned Image
                    Garden Party Garden
Want an easy way to decorate at your rustic outdoor wedding? Just grab some buckets, some garden flowers and some water and a floating candle of two and you are in business!

Yes this is an EEEBCDI (Easy Enough Even Bill Could Do It Project). If you aren't familiar with my blog, Bill is my husband who is handier in a garage or outdoors tha dealing with crafting! 

So if you are looking for something your groom can help with, this is it! Just hand him a hose, a bucket, the flowers and candles and you're off!

Candy Bars, Dessert Bars, Now Popcorn Bars!

Photo and idea for popcorn bar courtesy of TPD Magazine

Bars, bars, bars! Brides and bars go together? Hmm. well that didn't come out quite right, but I'm talking about everything from dessert bars filled with tiny bites that delight your palette, to mashed potato bars and candy bars.

Now, enter the popcorn bar! A combination of sweet and salty additions for basic popcorn, this bar is the perfect addition to a rustic fall wedding.  Order a selection of popcorn seasonings, (Kettle Corn, Apple Cinnamon, Nacho Cheddar, White Cheddar, Ranch, Chili Lime, and Caramel etc.) and a butter spritzer from Kernel Season’s website and add them to some grocery store popcorn.

Your guests will enjoy the DIY creations they put together so each person's popcorn is custom designed by them for their own enjoyment.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DIY Thank You Notes -- Peacock Style

Not impressed with sending out Thank You notes that are done in your new initials or that come from  your local card store? Head to extase on Etsy and buy a gorgeous peacock stamp and make your own stationary. Perfect! You can make you own stationary and wow your wedding guests as they open your Thank You note and see your unusual creation. Nothing like wow'ing your guests one more time!

Extase also has a variety of other stamps for your pleasure! Enjoy!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Unique Table Numbers - Easy DIY Project

Photo courtesy of OnceWed

Looking for a unique table number? How easy is this! Yes it is EEEBCDI (Easy Enough Even Bill Can Do It.) For those of you who have followed my blog, you know I test out just how easy a project is by getting my husband (a great guy who is just craft-clueless) to see if he can duplicate the project. These table numbers were so simple they rated the EEEBCDI rating! Face it, when you're about to get married you REALLY do not want a complex craft to pull together at the last minute! Also this rating means it's a good project to get your groom involved in. Most guys are not into making frou frou projects, but hey, bread... yeah, they can get into that!

Simple Tutorial on Bread Table Numbers:

1. Go to your favorite fresh bread purveyor (Whole Foods, Panera, Wegmans) and buy a loaf of bread for each table. Choose the size based on the size of your centerpiece you'll be placing your table numbers next to. It shouldn't overwhelm your centerpieces.

2. DO NOT (as one bride suggested to me) shellac your bread! I guarantee if you do SOMEONE will try to eat it (not a great idea.)

3. Either using simple calligraphy (not a guy thing usually) or use a computer program to make your table numbers. Print on heavy weight paper and glue onto a heavier backing so the number stands up straight. (You don't want droopy numbers!)

4. Cut a small slice in the top of the loaf of bread and insert the lower corner into the bread. If you are using a smaller loaf on a large table, make more than one per table so you can see it from every direction.

You can use a long loaf of french bread for your place cards which will keep the theme going! I like this idea for weddings with a rustic theme or a picnic wedding.  

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Secret to Cupcake Bouquets

Cupcake bouquets look so cute as centerpieces for your wedding or bridal shower. But some DIY'ers have reported having difficulty keeping the cupcakes from falling off. What's the secret?

Well the bad news is, gravity works. So if your cupcakes are too heavy and too moist (and you like them moist if you're planning on eating them) they are likely to droop or actually fall off the side of your centerpiece. Cake Central shows you how to keep those cupcakes in place and pretty (and eatable!)

I've used long skewers (depending on the container) or if I'm using a base of styrofoam, I use multiple toothpicks, but Sugar Shack has a better idea that won't destroy the bottoms of your pretty cupcakes as much! You know those little plastic cups that your side of salad dressing comes in at a restaurant? These solve your problem! They effectively hold your cupcake in place by propping it up but are relatively invisible too. Depending on the size cupcake, you'll need with 1 oz (for mini's) or 2oz or 5oz for larger cupcakes.

Another trick? Don't try to cover a ball with cupcakes. Instead cut the ball in half so all you are covering is a dome. This keeps you from trying to keep cupcakes on the side of a ball--unattractive because gravity will pull these down and make them droop (or worse, fall off, everytime.)

Another option? Use a container that naturally supports your cupcakes that are at the side on the lower edges.

Oh, and if you want to know where to get those little cups? Sam's Club sells them. Or if you ask your local restaurant, if they use that size they can usually special order them.  I never knew that until one time we were talking to a manager at one of our favorite chain restaurants and saying how much we enjoyed their soup. He said he'd be happy to order some for us to take home the next time he put in an order! Wow! (Ok, not saying he did it for free, but ... it sure beat making soup from scratch on a night I just ran home from work!) Even places like McDonalds will order things for you like ketchup packets--who knew? (This may vary on the franchise, but wow! Learn new things every day!)