Friday, July 1, 2011

Decorating With Gum Paste

I was amazed as I was looking at cake decorating sites to come across these incredible peonies! I'm not saying these are EASY DIY projects--I'd say you definitely need some experience with gum paste in order to pull these off--but wow--they look great! Just like the real thing!  Of course the amount of work it takes to make them might make them cost as much as the real thing!  Louise at The Cake Journal shows you her second attempt at peonies--but she's a pro--these might be my 150th attempt if I'm lucky--but we all know my skill level at DIY projects.  But I was so blown away by these that I had to share Louise's incredible peonies with you, and if you are talented in this direction, give them a try.  She also has a great post about her favorite gum paste tools which is well worth reading. 

OK, I admit, I am going to make an attempt at gum paste, but I don't think I'll start with these--I  need something easier! Let me know if you try them out and how hard they really are.  I'm hoping someone will write in and tell me how simple they are--but I don't hold out much hope! Enjoy all!


Snob on a Budget said...

Thanks for featuring my post! My blog has actually moved to now.

I am actually from Philadelphia as well although I live in London now. My wedding was at the Merion Cricket Club in May.

I also wrote about the moss letters I did for me wedding.

We will have another reception in England in Oct for our English guests who were not able to attend our wedding and we will do more DIY touches for that reception.

I would love to guest post if you are interested.

Thanks again!

Nancy Vecchione said...

Congrats! Looking forward to seeing your reception in England, would love to see photos or have you guest post about it.

I know the Merion Cricket Club well! Went to college in the area so there were periodically functions there.

Would love to have input from an American in England--once in awhile I find something myself, but having someone who is there would be helpful. It amazes me how many people from around the world read my blogs, not just England by everywhere. Looking forward to hearing your point of view.