Sunday, May 30, 2010

Virtual Tool To Help You Select Linens

Searching for the perfect tablecloth is a lot easier now with this great tool provided by BBJ Linens called the "Design Your Event Table" virtual tool. This tool allows you to try different tablecloths, napkins, types of chairs and chair accessories before you order them. Perfect for event planners as well as the DIY bride when it comes to those crucial decisions.

Unfortuantely they don't have it set up so you can add your flowers, china and crystal choices, but I'm sure it's in the works, if not at this site then somewhere else!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chocolate Dipped Biscotti with Non-Pariels

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Choose a Biscotti flavor either Chocolate Chip or Double Chocolate Chip are good flavors. They're perfect for dunking into your favorite hot or cold beverage.  Melt some chocolate and dip! Edge with delicate non-pariels and you can either pipe your initials onto the cookies or order custom chocolate to put on them.  These are some of the most attractive cookies I've come across in awhile.   If you don't want to go the DIY route, makes the one's as pictured above.

DIY Wedding Cookies

Photo and idea from:

Want some cute cookies to give to your guests?  Try these chocolate covered oreos dipped in pretty pink, red and white hearts.  First buy some Double Stuff Oreos.  Melt your chocolate (either white, milk or dark).  Dip cookies once and let them dry.  Redip then cover with heart shaped sprinkles.  You can order those online but I found some at a bargain price at Home Goods and TJ Maxx stores.  After they are dry through, pack in clear plasticine bags and add a cut card.  Perfect inexpensive wedding favors.  If you don't want to go the DIY route, you can purchase them ready made from

Friday, May 28, 2010

Dyeing Your Crinoline, a Complete Guide

A bride on The Wedding Bee ( gives these directions for dying your crinoline.  Some brides like to dye them blue, some a pretty pink, the choice is yours.  The directions are as follows (I only tested them on a little girls crinoline to save money so follow with care). 

Most important:  Buy a crinoline that is NOT polyester.  The bride who posted used a nylon taffeta crinoline she purchased at David's Bridal.  Her info is that all David's Bridal crinolines are nylon, though it's possible that has changed, so check the tags.
Photo courtesy of:
First run the crinoline through the washer with a small amount of soap; wash it on delicate to remove any sizing or fixative in the fabric.  Then take out the crinoline and untangle it.  (You might want to put a piece of plastic on the floor to catch all the water it can get messy). 

Next fill the washer basin up halfway (she has 4 settings, as do I, and she used the 2nd setting) with hot water. Stop the washer before it starts to agitate.  Be sure your crinoline is still wet through.  Add your liquid dye to the water in the washer. 

With a wet crinoline in your hand, add the dye to a washer half full of water.  DO NOT put the crinoline in before this step.  Agitate the dye and water for a few seconds. (about 5 seconds), to mix the dye evenly.  With you hands in heavy duty rubber gloves (so you don't end up with dyed hands) push the crinoline back into the washer. 

When putting the crinoline in the washer unzip it and put it around the spindle, almost as though you are 'dressing' it.  I did this because I was concerned about getting a tie-dyed look.  Fortunately it didn't. 

Once the crinoline is submerged in water, turn it back on and let it agitate on gentle.  Depending on how dark you want the crinoline you may want to do one or two bottles of dye.  Keep a sample of the color you are looking for near the washer so it's easy to compare.  Mine came out a little darker than I wanted but since it was under my gown and the only pink was my crinoline and flowers the color was fine.  Deeper colors may need more dye. 

After you have allowed the crinoline to agitate for the desired amount of time, let the wash cycle finish. Be sure the water runs clear to avoid staining the inside of your dress the color of your crinoline. This is  doubtful, as you would have to go swimming in them, but still…).

Finally, hang to dry in the bathroom. 

I hope you enjoy your crinoline and it's hint of color to accent your wedding day.

If you want photos and additional directions try:  Sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words! 

Draping Ceilings for the DIY Bride

Dyning Shades Photo Courtesy of Shaded Nation
Product from Ikea

Ikea makes a 'Dyning Shade,' (shown above in a picture by Shaded Nation), which is a great option for DIY brides who want to add a canopy effect to their outdoor wedding. This is a great inexpensive option for draping outdoors. Head over to your local Ikea store and check these out, they are a budget friendly $25.00 each. These shades, that look like sails, give a decorator look to your wedding. The shade comes complete with hooks and cords to hang it from columns, lamposts or trees. For indoor events you can get some extra strong magnets with a built-in hook (Model# 07218) from Northern Tool that cost less than three dollars which will let you clip it to the ceiling. Add drama and break up the space of your event space without spending a fortune.

Monday, May 24, 2010

DIY Flower Girl Fairy Wands or You Can Let Your Florist Do the Work

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Flower girls may not be old enough to manage to carry a basket without losing all the blooms at the back of the aisle.  To be sure she arrives with all her flowers try making or having your florist make a 'fairy wand'.  Since tiny hands have problems manipulating pomanders and walking at the same time these fairy wands are a perfect solution.  There are how to directions all over the web for making them with either real or silk flowers.  Since most flower girls love to save their wedding finery, you might want to consider making her a silk one instead of real flowers so she can show it to all her friends, not to mention use it for Halloween!  These are easy to make (even I, the least crafty person, has no problem pulling this together). 

DIY Lace Edged Napkin Rings

[Images via The Kitchn (via Martha Stewart) and Pink Petticoat]

Use fabric, ribbon, paper, twine, or whatever you like to make napkin rings. Taje advantage of different scrapbooking papers and punches to create unique patterns, like with this Martha Stewart punch available at Michael's Craft Stores and other fine craft stores.

DIY Ice Cubes With Mint and Tiny Flowers

[Image via Dog 'n Bird, via Great Wedding Finds, Brides]


Fill ice cube trays one-third full with distilled water.

Freeze for one hour then add small flowers or mint leaves.

Add more water and freeze all the way.

Just add to lemonade or limeade and you have a drink with that extra zing!

Interesting Pics You Can Reproduce For Your Wedding

"Going To The Chapel" Photo via Emesonmade

These great photos will give a unique look to your wedding album. (Of course you can add your friends' heads.) But these easy to make ahead of time cards can be printed on your home printer, just test them with your digital camera first to be sure the print is large enough to be easily seen on wedding photos.

"Wedding Bells Ringing" Photo via Emesonmade

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pink and Chocolate Brown Centerpieces

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Pink and chocolate is a popular color combination for weddings. Create this elegant tablesetting with a Victorian Hurricane Vase candle holder. Accessorize with some acrylic beads and colorful pillar candle to create a beautiful stunning centerpiece. You can use any color combination to suit your wedding colors.  Using two colors makes your tabletop stand out.  You could also add mirrored mats under your candle display.  Just be sure it can take the heat.  Caution these candles are arranged for photo purposes only and should be 2 1/2 inches apart in reality.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Directions to Your Wedding--An Easy to Make Sign

Photo and idea from

The sign above is something any bride can easily make ahead of time to direct the guests to the location of an oudoor wedding. A simple board (available from your craft store), some wooden letters (if you're very handy or your fiance is, cut your own) these can also be purchased from your craft store. Some paint to coordinate with your colors, and add some flowers. Put the board on a stake, attach the flowers, and you're ready to go! Another signature project for your wedding. You can also make other signs the same way.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Make Your Own Personal Bridesmaid Gifts

The DIY gift is not just a way to save money, it's a way to personalize your gifts for your wedding party. You can make them this facial scrub and hydrating body scrub easily at home. Choose a pretty container for it, add a hangtag with directions and your wedding colors and voila! Your bridesmaids will enjoy your gift in the months ahead.

To make homemade facial scrub:

1/4 cup MSM powder
1/4 cup Rampurda sugar or very fine raw sugar
1/4 cup baking soda
1/4 cup fine sea salt

Mix it all together in a jar and then mix about a tablespoon in with your regular facial cleanser when taking a shower or washing your face in the sink--rub all over but avoid getting into the eyes. Use small circular motions and concentrate especially under the chin and jaw line--rinse throughly after 1 minute. Use this 2-3 times a week.

To make hydrating body scrub:

1/2 cup of raw sugar
1/4 cup of sea salt or kosher salt
1/4 cup of epsom salts
1 cup olive oil

Mix the sugar and salts well and then pour olive oil over the top. Apply in large handfuls to the body in the shower and use circular motions to rub rough spots. Rinse but do not soap up--you will not need any moisurizer afterwards. Be careful of the slippery tub though. Use 2 times per week.

Making Your Own Photo Save The Dates

The web site Download & Print at has this great photo save the date for you to download free of charge.  Well known for their free downloads of wedding invitations and other stationary this new offering is sure to please the most discriminating bride.  And best of all, even the least crafty bride can make these.  Something The Wedding Queen is thankful for! 

Monday, May 17, 2010

Making Your Own Centerpieces?

  Photos courtesy of

The web site has a wide variety of candle holders, vases, and jars that will help you keep your costs per centerpiece low.

DIY Fans for Your Wedding Day

Do It Yourself Paper For Body of Fan

Do It Yourself Handles, also available in White Plastic

An quick and easy DIY project for your wedding is to make your wedding progams or menus on a wedding fan.  These are particularly useful if you're getting married in the hot weather and your venue or church isn't air conditioned.  Kits with paper and handle are available and you can make this as complex or as simple as your like.  Add calligraphy if you want to spend hours on them, but for those of us who want them completed without angst, just print them with a pretty font on your home printer.  I've included photos of the DIY items, as well as some ready made fans that you might want to use for inspiration.  A project that is quick, easy and useful, what more could you want?

Ready-made Fan for inspiration

Ready-made Fan for inspiration

Ready-made Fan for inspiration

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

DIY Footed Candle Centerpieces

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Make this easy candle centerpiece by purchasing a footed glass vase, adding a sweet smelling cream colored candle, and wrapping the vase with a ribbon and your monogram. These make great gifts to let your guests take hom or for you to have ater the wedding.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The DIY Centerpieces That You Can't Break

Tired of centerpieces or gifts that you have to worry about breaking?  Try using rocks.  Yes rocks.  Sets of rocks are available that you can write on.  You can put the date one, the word 'Love' or other appropriate 'wedding type word'.  You can stack them or use stones are part of a Zen design with some pillar candles.

You can purchase these rocks at   Photos courtesy of