Saturday, April 30, 2011

DIY Paper Daisies from The DIY Wedding

The DIY Wedding offers brides the choice of a variety of DIY projects from the simple to the complex. Jeff Rudell was challenged to create a centerpiece for $5 and this is the result! Kudos to Jeff! These simple but effective DIY white daisies are the perfect centerpiece for the bride willing to try something a little different for her centerpieces and who appreciates that simple can be very impressive.  For directions see Jeff Rudell's article on The DIY Wedding page.  Love the yellow polka dot vase too!

Friday, April 29, 2011

DIY Directions for Rolled Fabric Flowers

Rolled fabric flowers are seen everywhere this year.  Make them part of your wedding by adding them to a wreath as seen above or by making your own fascinators for you and your bridesmaids to wear.  Easy directions can be found here.  See how Jami remakes an old Christmas wreath into a spring-like rolled fabric flower wreath perfect for a summer or spring wedding. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Creative Cutlery For Your Buffet

If you've been following the links for the Grand Marnier Wedding Cake and the Lime Green and Orange Inspiration Board you might like to try these easy DIY cutlery displays for your wedding buffet table. 

Simply tie the orange paper napkin around the green cutlery to make it easy for your guests to carry their cutlery as they navigate your wedding buffet.  Today being daring pays off by making you look like you spent a lot of money of a high end caterer, but you can easily make these yourself.  Easy Do It Yourself Wedding Projects are all the rage! Use these for either your shower or reception, and keep your guests from fumbling with cutlery as they manage their buffet selections. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

DIY Mini Bacon Cups

Crazy about bacon? Having a brunch wedding? Or an after wedding breakfast? These Mini Bacon Cups are easy to make ahead of time and you can fill them with fluffy scrambled eggs (see photo).  The step by step directions for making these delish (and yes, I admit fattening) little breakfast goodies is on the Intrusctables Web Page, author threeforks. 

You don't have to use these for brunch, but can add use them on a mashed potato bar (I know, more calories) top with some cheddar cheese (I know, I'll run those pounds off!) and maybe some scallions or chives--my mouth is watering. 

I've seen these made with Pyrex custard cups or some people suggest actually turning the cupcake pan upside down to help drain off any fat. However you make them, expect them to shrink.  These will actually look like you used a mini cupcake pan once they are finished cooking.   

Sunday, April 24, 2011

How to Make a Floral Fascinator

Visit Craftstylish for the exact directions on how to make this great DIY floral fascinator.  Perfect for the bride or her bridesmaids, or even a smaller one for a flower girl.  I love the idea of fascinators, but I wish they had a different name...every time I hear the term 'fascinator' I expect it to be put together with buttons or snaps! Not sure what the origin of the name is, but I think you'll agree making one for yourself is a great DIY project.  You could even add some tulle for veiling if you just can't quite give up having a veil.  (If you aren't a great DIY'er try hitting Etsy, where you'll find crafters who ARE expert DIY'ers.)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Beer and Chocolate?

Weyerbacher Brewing Company makes craft beers that are incredible tasting.  But they not only offer you beer to drink, their web site has great recipes to make using their beers as well.  Serve a smorgasbord of their beers at your wedding bar and serve Heresy Truffles made with, what else? Heresy Beer. 

This easy recipe is the perfect addition to your sweet table or an excellent way to end your meal with a sweet treat.  The recipe is from Weyerbacher's web site and the real trick is NOT to drink the beer before you get it into the recipe AND NOT TO EAT the truffles before the wedding.

Heresy Truffles by Weyerbacher Brewing Company

3 oz 62% semi sweet chocolate

3 Tbsp Heavy cream

2 Tbsp Heresy

1 pinch Good quality sea salt (i.e. Fleur de Sel, Sicilian Sea Salt, or Maldon)

Good Quality Unsweetened Cocoa Powder


Add the chocolate, cream, Heresy, and sea salt to a melt bowl and slowly melt over a double boiler.

Once melted and smooth allow to cool in the refrigerator until it is set. At least an hour or so.

Once it is set you can form it into little balls, about a teaspoon each. They don’t need to be perfect. They are named truffles because they are supposed to resemble real truffles, as in the mushroom.

As you form them roll them in the cocoa powder and put in the refrigerator until about an hour before you serve them with a nice glass of Heresy.

See? Simple, easy AND DON'T EAT THEM ALL! I saw you sneak a taste! I warn you, these are like potato chips "I bet you can't eat just one."

Creative Save The Date Photos

Making your own STDs (Save The Dates) can be a fun DIY project.  This bride and groom took a simple math equation, cut out the plus and equal sign and the heart shape in red, added them to the side of the barn, and used themselves in place of numbers!  Easy to do, creative, and a memorable photo for your guests.  I love DIY projects that are this easy, because as anyone who has read my blog for any length of time knows I am ALL THUMBS! So make your STDs fun with just a little extra work they'll be photos your guests will never forget (let alone your math teachers!)  Photo link.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Make Your Own Cupcake Fondue

I've seen fondue with cheese and bread, with cheese and fruit, with meat or shrimp and hot oil, and even pound cake fondue for desserts, but a cupcake fondue was new to me until I came across it on Bake It Pretty's Blog(a creative blog that everyone should read!) Amanda posted a recipe from her guest blog stint on Pint Size Social. And I have to admit I love the concept!
Whether you serve this fondue at a wedding shower or use it on a sweet table, or as a centerpiece for each table this cupcake fondue is a show stopper.
The fondue itself is a basic icing (recipe) and you make some mini cupcakes perfectly sized for dipping. Surround your fondue pot with little cups, each of which is filled with jimmies(or sprinkles depending on which part of the country you are from), coconut, some chopped nuts (I like almonds but walnuts would work too), or any other decorative topping you think would look pretty.
Simply place the mini cupcake on the fork, dip in the icing, then add the decorative toppings to make a delicious dessert that is sweet and pretty! I was thinking I'd really like some with chopped candy bars to use as a topping--yum! Oh the calories! OK, I admit it, I have a HUGE sweet tooth!

The final look (and taste) is pretty and I love interactive food! And you have to admit, this is so much better than chips and dip if you're thinking interactive food! Cupcakes with fondue icing dip with candy or nuts on top...what more could you ask for?

50% Off Coupons at Michaels Soft and Sweet Sale

Michaels (a local craft store) is offering 50% off coupons any regular priced item! I got one in my email, suspect there are some on their circulars in the stores too (if there are any left when you get there!). So if you aren't signed up for their emails and you are doing some crafting for your wedding, head over to their web site and sign up for email alerts! Lots of good deals on their site as well as craft project directions. Also they offer extra discounts for teachers.

Dollar Store, Michaels, & DIY Glowing Table Numbers

Weddzilla is one of my favorite wedding blogs! It is written by a group of bloggers so you get an interesting combination of wedding ideas.  The blog offers creative and interesting info on all things bridal, so sign up to follow it today!

Until then you can click on this link to their directions to make glowing table numbers.  Everything you need can be purchased at your local Dollar Store or Michaels craft store.  (See Michaels coupons for 50% off for this Friday!) While I am not in love with the numbers in red on the candles(which you can see in the additional photos their blog), the gold votives are great and an inexpensive addition to your tablescape. 
The table setup above is just a mock up not using the actual flowers, but just shows the set up for the tables.  I really love the way the candles glow and are burnished with gold! So don't forget, sign up to get Weddzilla sent to your email address for all their great ideas hot off the press! Just fill out where it says 'Never Miss a Tip, Subscribe Now.'

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dying Lace? Is This A DIY Project?

Photo by Veronica Sheaffer

Ever need lace that is ivory instead of white but been faced with not being able to find just the right color?  If so, consider using tea to tint the lace to ivory.  Veronica Sheaffer gives you simple DIY directions that even I managed to duplicate at home (although she used Earl Grey Tea, mine was boring Lipton).  Click on the link to her web site for the complete directions for dying your lace the perfect color.  Also check out all her wedding crafts and projects, she's an expert at this stuff!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Decorate Your Own Cookies--Budget Friendly and Personal Favors

Photo from Galaxy Cookies

Always wanted to learn how to decorate cookies and make them look like the pros? Head on over to Cookin' Canuck for a step by step DIY cookie decorating post.  While the cookies demo'd are for Easter, the basic tenets are the same no matter what occasion the cookies are made to celebrate.  The good thing about wedding cookies is you won't need as many different colors since many wedding cookies are white on white or white with blue or pale pink.  Dara, the author of Cookin' Canuck, gives you tips and techniques to help ensure your cookie making is successful.  Visit her site to see how to make and ice your own wedding cookies.  All budget conscious brides will agree, who wants to pay $3 to $7.00 for a cookie you can create yourself?  Making your own cookies makes your cookie favors both more personal and more budget friendly. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

DIY Invitations -- Pretty Pouchette From Download and Print Web Site

Download and Print gives you a step by step tutorial on how to make these easy but beautiful wedding invitations. For the DIY bride these invitations will not only save you money but are easy enough for the DIY challenged bride. I ought to know! I'm one of them! (DIY challenged that is!). So save money and have the satisfaction of personalizing your wedding by making your own invitations.

Download and Print has a variety of designs, so if this one isn't quite your style, check their web site for a design that fits your personal sense of style.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

GreenvelopeTutorial-Electronic Invitations and More!

Greenvelope offers brides the chance to send invitations by email that look like regular snail mail invitations.  Check out their YouTube Video and see how it works.  Notice they also give you the option to send your thank you notes by email.  You can also manage your responses and guest list on their site.  Easy, less expensive, and very green!

Chocolate Covered Cookies Decorated For Your Wedding

Looking for homemade wedding or shower favors? Love chocolate? Try making these chocolate covered Oreo Cookies! Made with Double Stuff Oreos in candy molds and decorated with chocolate in another color, these cookies are both pretty and delicious.  Not to mention easy to make--high on my list of must haves for DIY projects.  Just store with care so they don't melt together.  For the recipe for Chocolate Covered Double Stuff Oreo Cookies click here.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Votive Candles With Added Zing

Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings these easy to make votive candles make a statement about your wedding theme but are easy to make too!  Just glue cameos to a soft rose colored ribbon and wrap it around your votives! Easy enough even for the least talented DIY'er.  Read more about this wedding and some of their great ideas for inspiration for your wedding at

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Coupons for Making Your Own Wedding Projects at Michael's

Looking for some wedding invitations, silk flowers, candles, vases, or scrapbooking supplies? Michael's coupons for the DIY creative bride or her wedding party are available online. These coupons are good until April 9, 2011, so grab them now and hit the stores running tomorrow!

Micheal's has the Yudu Screen Printing System for under $100., it usually retails for $299.99. These would be great for making some of those t-shirts that label 'bride,' 'groom,' 'bridesmaid,' 'flower girl,' etc. Sure beats paying the prices some of the party stores are selling them for!

Also be sure to look under the 'Projects' heading for projects for the DIY'er. The Kissing Ball is particularly attractive and looks easy to make. They show it using Gerbera daisies, boxwoods, and adorned with a butterfly and ribbons. Perfect hung from a shepherd's crook for an outdoor wedding. Head over and check out the Kissing Ball and other projects.