Sunday, October 30, 2011

Is Vera Wang Going Goth?

No, I think it's safe to say that Vera isn't going Goth, but her elegant new collection will certainly appeal to brides who are.  The Vera Wang 2012 Collection is all chic black and nude wedding dresses.  Maybe this is a sneak peak at future bridal trends.  Wang is usually several season ahead of the rest of the wedding gown industry (witness her previous collections featuring blush and lavender gowns). 

Is Wang betting the farm on these black beauties? No, she'll still make gowns in other colors or whites, but she's giving brides the OPTION to choose the color or lack of color that suits them best.  Wang's choice of black for brides isn't that surprising--Wang wears black almost exclusively. 

Her 2012 collection is comprised of 16 pieces, with no whites, creams, blush or other colors.  I think it's safe to say now that Vera has put her stamp of approval on black for brides other designers and wedding gown manufacturers will follow suit. 

Is a black wedding gown for you? I'd love to hear your input.  Black, thumbs up? or thumbs down? Would you wear it?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Two DIY Wreaths Under $10

Need to decorate your church door? Your reception door? But don't want to spend a lot of money? This is soooo easy, it qualifies for my rating SEEICDI.  (So easy even I can do it).  This wreath is the brainchild of Thrifty Decor Chick, the queen of decorating for pennies on the dollar! 

Just buy some thick foam core board from Hobby Lobby for $5 – it was half an inch thick and it was already 20 inches wide, some packets of leaves bought at Dollar Tree (my home away from home for inexpensive craft supplies) or Dollarama (another reader suggested this, I don't have one where I live), a jigsaw or something to cut the foam board with (no matter what you're using, handle with care), some reddish spray paint, a few simple weights to keep the frame from blowing in the wind, and a hot glue gun (my weapon of choice for crafting!) 

Visit Thrifty Decor Chick for the exact directions for this great wreath as well as to see all her other great ideas, none of which will break the bank.  The girl should write a book!

Another great wreath is from House of Hepworth.  This wreath is a little more 3-D but each wreath has it's own charm.  Hard to decide which one I like best. Head over there to find the exact directions and what you'll need to purchase from your Daollar Store. 

House of Hepworth is another great read--of course if you're not careful you'll end up like me...having to force yourself to's addictive behavior! I wonder if they have a Blog Readers Anonymous Group?  I get so sucked into reading about the adventures of my friends in the blogosphere that I almost forget it's time to get some work done myself!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Neckwear For Your Ring Bearer

Gotcha! I just couldn't resist luring you in with that title, because I just love this do it yourself photo! An easy DIY ring bearer pillow for an unusual ring bearer! Are you a 'dog fancier?'  Can't imagine having your wedding without man's best friend?  Then this project is for you.  And it seems to be a trend among dog loving brides and grooms to include their first 'baby' on their wedding day.  This photo is courtesy of Martha Steward Wedding (where of course you can find EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about having a wedding, not just a ring bearer pillow for your pup!).

This project is so simple it doesn't even need directions! Just some material, a sewing machine, pillow filling, some rick rack and a measuring tape. Get to it!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

DIY Cupcake Stand - A Piece of Cake!

Making your own DIY cupcake stand isn't as hard as it sounds.  In fact it's one of the easier DIY projects around.  This butterfly theme cupcake stand is made with these laser cut butterfly design cake stand wrappers designed to go around your favorite cake stand from Fancy Flours

This decorative wrapper is laser cut paper and comes in a pack of six strips, each about 8.5", enough to wrap a cake stand up to 15" in diameter.  The vertical drop is 2.5".  The strips interlock to make a longer seamless strip of a lacy look edge for your cupcake or cake stand.

Wafer paper butterflies can be added to the top of your cupcakes to finish your look.  Also available at Fancy Flours.

Not sure if the hardest part is putting your credit card number in to order them online or washing the cake plate! As I said, "a piece of cake."  OK OK, I just couldn't resist that comment! 

You can also buy matching cupcake wrappers to pull the look together. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cupcake Topiary - More Ideas For Weddings and Showers

Cupcake topiary, whether they are made by professionals (Like the one above) or a DIY project they never fail to wow your guests. I've posted other cupcake topiary but the one above is a little different.  It's a hydrangea topiary, made the same way the other topiary was (see link) but with a bit of extra pizazz.  Cupcake topiary are hot blog topics so I thought I'd share these with you. 

This professionally made hydrangea cupcake topiary is perfect for a wedding sweet table or a bridal shower.   And while this topiary is decorated with hydrangeas, you could use eatable pansies or other sugar flowers as well.

The hydrangea cupcake topiary is from Lisa Roberts Cakes via the cupcake blog. Visit Lisa's web site to see her variety of great cake options, believe me, this talented cake designer offers her clients in Ontario incredible bespoke cake designs, beautifully hand-crafted wedding cakes (see her blog for some absolutely gorgeous wedding cakes), cookies, cupcakes, and gourmet chocolates.  

Other cupcake topiary have slightly different designs but all have the same basic form and how to directions.  Styrofoam ball or tree shape, cupcakes, toothpicks (use two per cupcake) and a planter, either a clay pot or more decorative planter. Other additions can be added such as in the Alice In Wonderland topiary below.

If you're a bride (or have a groom) who loves chocolate, don't despair! Chocolate topiary can be made as well. The one below from Creative Quality Catering has my mouth watering! No matter which topiary you choose to make your guests will be impressed with your creativity and DIY IQ. 

Can't quite figure out how to make these? Head to YouTube for some easy to follow tutorials on cupcake topiary art.  Hope you have fun! Add your comments below on how your attempts went or add a link with the photos of your artistic endeavors.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DIY, With A Little Help From Your Friends (or Local Small Business)

I was fascinated to read a article in The Baltimore Sun, by Liz F. Kay "DIY firms rent equipment, lend expertise to would-be crafters"  about businesses that have sprung up in the Baltimore area tailored to helping the DIYer learn to do it themselves safely and to rent time using equipment they might not have in their own homes. 

With the huge uptrend in DIYing this was a business just waiting to happen and it's taken off.  Business owners not only teach seminars and classes, they rent equipment and sell supplies to their students.  Remember that pottery class you used to take where you used their kiln but purchased your clay and other supplies from the owner and paid for classes? Same concept. 

The business has expanded to companies that do woodworking, tailoring, home improvement, letter press printing, and more.  As a potential DIY bride imagine how great it would be to be able to make your own letterpress invitations instead of spending a fortune having someone else make them.  Letterpress DIY projects also include save the dates, table numbers, placecards, thank you notes and guest books.  Or get some shop time to make those cute signs for your wedding that you don't have the space or equipment to make at home--what a great idea!

Check in your area for companies offering the same type of classes or opportunities to use their equipment on an hourly basis.  This could be a real boon to DIY brides and grooms. 

If you have classes in your area that offer this option please post them so other brides can join you or if you're having a class let me know and I'll be happy to post it for you.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Glitz, Glitter and Glam

These nails were painted using a new nail polish from OPI Holiday 2011 Muppets Collection Rainbow Connection.  Perfect for a holiday wedding! Glitz, glam and glitter abound!

You can order this great OPI favorite for the low price of $8.25 for a single bottle at Amazon.  Or the gift collection, also available on Amazon for $44. 

Why not visit my other post, Glittering Gold Accent Nails where I show you how to create a great glitter nail look using less expensive products by Avon.  Visit this Avon blog by Carly Vecchione to see her additions to this post.  Why waste money on more expensive OPI products, when Avon can give you the same look for less. Use their Nail Pro Nail Enamel and NAIL EXPERTS UV Gloss Guard Top Coat.  Don't have the time to locate your local Avon lady? Use Avon's Direct Delivery.  Order from the convenience of your home and have great Avon products delivered direct to your doorstep.  Save time and money! What more could any bride to be ask? For a fast and easy link to your Avon rep's store look at the ads to your right, one click and you're there!

"Po' Boy Truffles" -- Krispie Treats For Grown Ups

From front to back: Orange Truffles, Coconut Rum, Coffee Toffee, Coconut Lime, Peanut Butter, Amaretto (yum!), Canadian Maple Walnut, Mint Truffle, Cranapple, and Hazelnut. Make them all or just your favorites.

Have you ever had Krispie treats that were made just for grown  ups? Paper, Plate and Trains and it's author Jeromina Juan developed this great idea for taking Krispie Treats from the realm of childhood into decadent and delicious adult dessertdom. (hmm...well yeah, I know it isn't a word but this isn't Scrabble). She calls them Po' Boy Truffles--she even has an adult name for these treats from your childhood.  She takes those old fashioned Krispie treats to a whole new level without breaking the bank. What more could any hostess ask? 

Use them for wedding dessert buffets or for DIY wedding favors. These easy but delicious treats will appeal to all.  

To find out the recipes for these beauties go to Paper, Plate and Trains.  Some recipes add liqueur, some flavored extracts and some liquors and more. 

Be sure to take the time to explore Jeromina's creative web site, it's one of my favorites.  Thanks to Jeromina for letting me share these delicious treats with you.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

DIY Simple Vegetable Centerpieces

Fall is the perfect season to use items from your produce department (or your home garden) or your yard to make your own simple and easy centerpieces.  Sherri Reed from The Stir shows you just how to do it. 

I love using the tiny white pumpkins in a white wooden bowl for a wedding.  Add some white berries, some pine cones and some greenery--voila!  Having your wedding closer to Thanksgiving? Use orange pumpkins and red berries instead of the white. 

Want to add a homey look to your tablescape? Add autumn fruits like pomegranates and persimmons to make a simple fall/Thanksgiving wedding table decoration.   

Looking for an easy and VERY inexpensive idea for your table? Visit Paper, Plate and Plane for a tutorial on how to create these carved butternut squash blossoms. Totally blew me away with just how EASY this is! What do you need to make this? Nothing fancy.  A paring knife and easy could it be? Jeromina Juan, the author of this how to on Paper, Plate and Plane quotes a price of $2.40 for three squash (granted that was 2010, but...even with inflation) that make these the least expensive centerpiece around!

Next time you're outside in your yard or walking through the produce section stop and think, what could I make with this?  Plan color combinations and textures to please the eye and touch.  Make your wedding centerpieces and tablescapes look like a million dollars. 

Good As Gold - Serving Desserts In Golden Shells

Looking for a way to wow your guests? Try serving your dessert in these golden egg shells! You could try to make our own (sounds like a lot of work to me) or just make your own fillings and cookies and buy your shells from FancyFlours

These shells by Confiseur are sold on FancyFlours website and they are completely sterilized, finely cut and precisely manipulated to offer a smooth and perfect edge. (This is why I don't attempt to make these myself!) 

The shells are available in natural white, brown, silver and gold sprayed, they are perfect for either hot or cold fillings, sweet or savory ingredients or any other kind of application imaginable.

Makes an absolutely stunning presentation for your dessert table or tray. Set of 10 perfectly cut egg shell vessels.

DIY Ring Pillow

Weave your own ring pillow! This is a perfect DIY project that even the DIY challenged can handle! Still feel like it's a bit too much for you but love the look?  It makes a great project to let your mom or future mother-in-law work on while your dealing with the larger wedding issues.  This pillow design is from the folks over at Martha Stewart Weddings.  Love the sage color.  It goes so well with all the succulent floral designs that are so popular lately.  Check out former posts on succulents and weddings in this blog as well as some on the Hearts and Flowers blog.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

How Sweet It Is! DIY Placecards For A Christmas Wedding

Photo and concept courtesy of Martha Stewart.

Planning a Christmas wedding? Martha Stewart and her staff came up with DIY place cards that resemble holiday mints.  What a sweet idea for a Christmas wedding! These are so easy even I can make them!

What do you need? Cardstock in a variety of pinks and reds, a hole punch and scissors, 1 1/2" wide ribbons in a variety of patterns in reds and pins, and a pen with black ink.

Cut out 3" ovals using cardstock in a variety of pinks and reds.  Use your hole punch to punch holes at each end of the oval.  Neatly write the names of your guests using black ink.  Use 6" long x1 1/2" wide ribbon scraps in coordinating colors to decorate each place card.  Thread them through each hole from one end to the other. Cut a notch in the ribbon ends.  The slight bowing of the card and the ribbon behind it will let the place card stand up on it's own.  Easy to make, and easy on the eyes! These are place cards any bride would be proud of.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Blue Bridal Bouquet

Looking for something blue? These flowers by Wildflower are an easy to do yourself bouquet for the bride who loves blue delphiniums.  I saw this bouquet and fell in love.  You can do it yourself or have your favorite florist put it together for you, but either way it will wow your wedding guests.

Photo by David Lancaster and St. Louis Bride

DIY Project for Outdoor Brides

Photo courtesy of Blue Canary Events Blog
Photographer: Ashlee at Documentary Associates

Having an outdoor wedding and worried about sinking into the grass in your high heels? The bride and groom in this photo, Meghan and Stephen, had a fabulous idea, easily executed in plywood with a little pink paint.  (Choose your colors yourself to compliment your wedding decor).  The bride and groom stood on interlinked hearts, the bridesmaids on single hearts. 

Simple, effective, and inexpensive decorations for outdoor weddings. It won't be long before those companies that rent you those pink flamingos or storks delivering babies that people put in their front yard will have these in stock. 

Until then, it's a DIY project that you and your groom can do together. (or your the father of the bride and groom)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Decorate with Beans?

You're having your wedding at an older home and need to decorate the mantle for a fall wedding... what can you do?  Other than the obvious floral options, try some of these ideas from A Pop of Pretty.  Not planning a wedding? No problem.  These ideas will be perfect for any fall occasion. 

Beans, beans and more beans!  The photo above from A Pop of Pretty's web site gives you the layering look I like best, but feel free to adapt it to suit you.  Any color combination will work.  Make it as complex or simple as you like.  I recommend using at least 3 layers for color contrast.  Add the tiny pumpkins or some gourds to the top.

For a more color coordinated look, you can actually dye navy beans.  I like the natural look, but if you have to have matchy-matchy--by all means dye them!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Glittering Gold Accent Nails

Tribal Teals avon-nailwear-pro-nail-polish in Nocturnal
Nails, nails, nails.  The search for the perfect manicure for the bride and her bridesmaids is on!  French manicure? Pale pink? Mocha? Hot pinks or wild blues? The choice is endless and really depends on the bride's personality.  But if you want a classy manicure you can do yourself (yeah! save that money for the honeymoon!) try this combination of Avon Nail Wear Pro polish and glitter.  OK, I know most companies make polish that comes complete with glitter in it, but how often will you use it? Why not buy multiple shades of plain polish instead and apply your own glitter? You'll use the plain polish long after those special occasions or holidays and save $$$.  Yes, you could buy OPI, Essie or NARS polishes but why waste the money? Avon Nail Wear Pro provides great coverage and a wide range of colors to choose from.  I purchased my glitter from Michael's (because I had a coupon) but feel free to pick some up at your local Dollar Store.

OK, I know...glitter right? My first thought is 'shades of middle school!'  But once I saw this, I fell in love with the simplicity of it.  And you know me, the EASY DIYness of it. 

If you've been reading my blog you know to test how easy it is to execute a DIY project, I get my husband to try his hand at it.  Somehow I couldn't quite bring myself to have him polish his nails, especially with the added glitter.  I have a feeling that might just be a deal breaker and he'd never help me out again with my testing.  So I sucked in my local Avon lady, Carly, into testing it at an at home Avon party.  (photo courtesy of Avon)

All the guests tried it out to see just how hard it is to REALLY do it yourself.  The guests paired off in groups of two with one guest acting as the manicurist, one the 'bride.'  Avon home parties may never be the same!  The floor looked like we were a bunch of preschoolers making Christmas projects (we spilled JUST A LITTLE glitter! If you're going to do this the day of your wedding I strongly suggest doing your manicures in a room your gowns won't be in (unless you want your gowns to be covered with glitter as you walk down the aisle.) I'd also suggest trying it out ahead of time to get it 'just right.' 

Inspiration and bottom two photos from Wedding Paper Divas

We used Avon Nail Wear Pro which lasts up to 10 days, perfect for wedding wear and to wear through your honeymoon.  We used glitter in metallic gold, copper, bronze and silver with a variety of shades of polish.  A good time was had by all. 

We put the glitter on just the ring finger of each hand...just enough glitz without going over the top.  You'll love how the glittery nail shows off you engagement ring and that new band of gold your groom just added to your ring finger.  Obviously NOT just your mother's AVON anymore! 

How to:

1. Paint all your nails (except your ring fingers) in your chosen hue. We chose Avon's Nail Wear Pro products because of their long lasting finish.  I used a soft brown from Avon, but you can choose any color you like.  (I made my choice because it was on sale, so don't feel locked into the color choice)

2. Paint your ring fingers on both hands in a soft and coordinating color of polish.  Do this one step at a time because you need to apply the glitter while the polish is still wet.

3. Now it's time for glitter.  Tap glitter just onto your wet nail on your ring finger.  Avoid getting any glitter near your other nails.  Do one ring finger at a time.  Tap off any excess glitter.

4.  After the glitter sets, apply a thick coat of Avon NAIL EXPERTS UV Gloss Guard Top Coat to keep the glitter in place.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Paper? Did You Say Paper?

These flowers from template from this Etsy site, Sunny and Stumpy.

Paper flowers? Did You Say Paper? Don't want to rush last minute floral arranging? Why not make your wedding bouquet and wedding centerpieces out of paper flowers.  Yes, I said PAPER FLOWERS. 

You may remember making a less complex version of these in scouts or camp as a child, but these DIY paper flowers are not a craft for an eight year old! Tutorials on Knuckle Salad and Green Wedding Shoes if you prefer those to the Etsy options. 

Paper flowers make perfect centerpieces or bouquets, and I particularly love them as boutonnieres or to use as napkin rings.  One of the links above is for a beautiful paper flower wreath! So unique! Your guests will be oohing and aahing all night!  Use smaller paper flowers to decorate place cards.  There's literally no end to what you can do with paper flowers. 

This bouquet is from Robot in Bloom on

Whether you choose to have an Etsy artisan make the whole bouquet for you, like Robot in Bloom, or purchase a template from Sunny and Stumpy, paper flowers make paper flowers a great option for your wedding. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors

BOMBS AWAY! Seed bombs that is.  Give your wedding guests the gift that keeps on giving.  Make seed bombs (link for photo above) for your guests for wedding favors and they'll see them bloom come spring.  Seed bombs, also known as seed balls are a time honored way to get seeds to take root in areas where nothing was growing before.  The idea is a perfect analogy for two people getting married and growing together where there wasn't a family before. 

These seed bombs are made of clay which protects the seeds from being eaten by birds and the seeds will root through the clay to become part of the ground wherever they are placed.  These are eco-friendly wedding favors and any that are left behind can be planted in your own backyard. 

Tutorial available at Offbeat Bride and Instructables. There are also a variety of seed ball tutorials on YouTube.  Don't want to make them yourself? Seeds In A Ball has premade seed balls or kits if you're too lazy to gather all the items you need together. 

What is a seed ball or seed bomb?
A seed ball or seed bomb is a way to protect seeds by encasing them in a clay and compost mixture.
How do seed bombs work?
When seed balls or bombs are exposed to the sun and rain, the water slowly breaks down the seed ball, allowing the seeds to germinate, grow and thrive in an area that used to be a dry and unappealing landscape.  The clay used to make seed balls is rich in nutrients to encourage growth.
Where can I scatter the seed balls?
Some see seed balls or bombs as a way to beautify areas that appear neglected like vacant lots.  The legality of this is dubious, so we suggest limiting them to bombing your own property.  You can put them anywhere that needs a little plant life.
When is the best time to scatter the seed balls?
The best time to bomb with seed balls is in the spring or fall.  However, since the seeds are well protected inside the clay you can 'bomb' any time of year. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Vintage Favor Labels - So Easy Any Idiot Can Do It

Labels for wedding favors come in all shapes and sizes, but these easy to do it yourself labels only need you to click on the link to the web site, download your choice, and fill in what you want to print in the center.  Print them on stickers and apply.  Easy, right?

The labels shown here that you download from the site are in sage and pink but there are other design and color options if you follow the link, as well as more specific directions.

What can you add labels too? Almost anything! Boxes for favors, out of town gift bags, the limit is only your imagination.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

White Pumpkins

Photo from Table Twentyone

Are you in search of some white pumpkins to use for your wedding decor? Do you have a DIY wedding project that is calling out for white pumpkins?


Just thought I'd give you all a heads up that Whole Foods Markets in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania has them, which probably means their other stores have them soon as well.  Call ahead to check, or just pick them up when you stop in to buy groceries.

Photo from

Today I checked with their Wynnewood store.  They won't have them in there until next week.  Obvioulsy delivery to larger stores is ahead of smaller stores.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wedding Headpieces or Fascinators

Wedding headpieces, also known as fascinators, are expensive to buy but easy to make. One of my favorite DIY videos on how to make a wedding headpiece is on Daily Candy. The tips on this web site make this one of the better tutorials for wedding headpieces that I've seen.  Any bride planning on making their own headpieces (and BTW, this will save you hundreds of dollars in some cases) head over to Daily Candy and watch their video where Eugenia Kim gives you the down and dirty tricks of how to trick yourself out for less!

My favorite part of their tutorial is how to curl your feathers! Who knew? Obviously I was not a milliner in a former life! I didn't even know where the word fascinator came from, let alone how to curl my feathers or create a wedding head piece or fascinator without this tutorial!

And for the curious (OK I admit, I'm one of you) who had NO idea where the word came from, having never heard it before the recent spate of fashion industry push, Wikipedia is full of information on just where this word came from.  It seems that the word initially referred to a a lacy head covering made of wool or lace, that was shaw-like and substantial in nature.  The term was rarely used by the 1970s. 
Queen Elizabeth used the term 'fascinator' to describe a 'hat' or other decorative headpiece that was required for entry into the Royal Enclosure at Ascot. 

The term has come back into vogue but it's meaning has changed.  Now it is a delicate head decoration that can be worn at times when a hat is traditionally worn.  Previously seen mostly at premium horse races fascinators have now become de rigueur at weddings for both the bride and her wedding party.

The modern fascinator is usually made with feathers, flowers, beads and veiling. These items are attached to the wearer's hair using a clip, headband, or a hair comb.  Brides usually choose a fascinator if their dress is less traditional or they choose it as an alternative to a wedding veil or a hat.
Photo credits.

For more ideas about how to make fascinators go to this link.  Remember, you can make these a large or small as needed, so don't forget to make one for your flower girl too.

Sparkling Water For Weddings

An easy DIY project for your wedding is to make your own sparkling water.  The bottle shown is pomegranate sparkling water from Ruffled's DIY wedding projects.  This simple project  repurposes bottles from Ruffled's web site and combines looking good, with tasting good and doing good by recycling bottles and adding your own pomegranate sparkling water.  A perfect message to convey to your wedding guests on your special day!

Design your own labels with a pink background to accent to color of the pomegranate sparkling water.  Ruffled has links for templates for the labels to make this project fast and easy.  The template includes a thank you sticker that you can add to the seal your bottles.  Visit Ruffled for additional directions and other great wedding day ideas.

DIY Bridal Party Survival Kit

Every bride and bridesmaid should have a survival kit.  You can buy a Bridal Party Survival Kit pre-made but it's easy enough to put these together with your bridal party in mind.  What should your bridal party survival kit contain? Advil/Tylenol or your favorite pain reliever is a must.  Between all the stress of the day of the wedding and all the pre-wedding festivities pain relievers in the Bridal Party Survival Kit are a must.  Band Aids for the blisters that are inevitable from all the new shoes your bridal party is wearing.  One, if not all of your bridal party will need this necessary item in your Bridal Survival Kit.  Shout Wipes.  OK, here I have to admit there are my very favorite way to instantly remove stains when I'm out.  Easy to carry and flat, Shout Wipes are easy to add to your Bridal Party Survival Kit.  (If you have a hard time finding these, I can always find them in Target and/or Bed, Bath and Beyond.  For some reason my grocery store doesn't carry them anymore.).  Other must haves? Tissues, lip gloss or chap stick, breath mints and/or gum.  I also like to add an extra pair of pantyhose (just in case). 

100 Layer Cake has a pretty template for making your Bridal Party Survival Kit yourself.  This way you can customize your kits to your bridesmaids.  My favorite way to handle Bridal Party Survival Kits? Find a spot to keep the kits at your reception venue, either in the bride's room or in a cabinet in the ladies room. Another option is to have a member of your family hold onto them for the bridesmaids. Your bridesmaids are not likely to be carrying a large handbag with space for these.  Make the kit small but useful.  A bridal party survival kit is the sign of a thoughtful bride.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Santé Nuts - Add Spice To Your Wedding

“The more you celebrate life every day, the more there is in life to celebrate.”-Sara Tidhar, Founder

What phrase could more embody something you want to serve as you celebrate your wedding.  Serve the nuts in bowls on the tables or add them to salads, entrees or desserts to add spice to your wedding. 

Santé Nuts come in four great flavors, Garlic Almond (seen above), Candied Pecans, Roasted Salted Pecans and Candied Walnuts.  These nuts are all natural, gluten free, and Kosher to please the most finicky guests. 

What does the company say makes Santé Nuts so good? They say their use of only the best quality nuts and the highest quality ingredients gives the consumer a nut whose quality exceeds the competition's. They are made by hand in small batches, with a 'secret roasting technique' that keeps the nuts from absorbing any more oil than absolutely needed.  This means these nuts are healthier, crunchier, and you get more nuts and less oil per ounce than other nuts on the market. 

Santé Nuts is not an offshoot of some large food company, it's a small company that grew out of one mother's kitchen and her need to provide for her family.  You can read all about it here

***I had the opportunity to try a variety of these nuts courtesy of Santé.  I fell in love with the product and highly recommend this quality product to everyone. 

I added salted Santé Salted Pecans to my stuffing for pork roast and my husband raved about it. When I had some friends over for lunch I added Santé Salted Candied Walnuts to my favorite luncheon dish, a pear and strawberry salad - perfection! To test Santé Nuts' appeal for desserts I used some on butter cookies (a mother-in-law favorite). Adding the candied walnuts from Santé Nuts to my usually relatively boring Spritz cookie recipe (well it's not really mine, just the one I use, courtesy of The Food Network) yielded spectacular results - a cookie with added crunch and unique flavor. 

Want to try Santé Nuts on your favorite recipe? They are offering a 25% discount on any product ordered from their web site. Just use the Coupon Code: 2011-Blog-074.

***These products were provided to me free of charge by Santé Nuts for the purpose of providing a review based on my personal opinion and so I would share a Coupon Code with my readers.  All comments on the quality of these nuts is my own.