Friday, August 16, 2013

Candles and Pearls

Photo courtesy of Kim
Candles and pearls make the perfect centerpiece for a wedding or wedding shower especially if you are planning a winter wonderland theme wedding. Small candles, faux pearls in a variety of colors to add depth and put them all on top of, yes, you guessed it, SUGAR! I have to admit I'd never have thought to have subbed sugar for the bottom of a candle arrangement but using it in this one makes it look so wintry and gives your centerpiece a cool look.
One warning though, be sure to get glass that is meant for candles. The heat of a candle burning all through your reception might be too much for glass that is not designed to withstand the heat. So be sure not to just buy dollar store glass that isn't meant for burning candles in (or at least check one of you centerpieces out before you decide if they will work for your reception or not.)
You have to admit, this is an EEEBCDI (Easy Enough Even Bill Can Do It). Anyone who reads my DIY blog regularly knows I test how easy a DIY project is by having my husband (who is very un-crafty) try them out. The man can fix almost anything but DIY projects are just not his thing if they have anything to do with crafts! So if my man can make them yours can too, which means you get some extra help putting them all together. Add some togetherness to the wedding DIY projects.
Be sure to visit the web site linked under the photo for more great winter ideas for weddings or wedding showers.

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