Sunday, September 29, 2013

Mason Jar Luminaries

Photos courtesy of beyond/beyond
This simple DIY project lets you make mason jar luminaries from three items. A mason jar, tissue paper, and a battery powered votive candle.
Photos courtesy of beyond/beyond (link above)
Simply line the mason jars with your favorite tissue paper to coordinate with your wedding colors and add the votive. Use them to line the church aisle or for outdoor weddings to mark the aisle or along the side of your aisle runner.
Photos courtesy of beyond/beyond
These luminaries are perfect for outdoor weddings, especially weddings on the beach or in a park. It gives a burst of color and light and adds some design to it. These are an EEEBCDI project. For new readers that means 'easy enough even Bill can do it' which means I had my husband who is very un-crafty try it, and he had no problem pulling it all together. So for the un-crafty bride this is a perfect project.

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