Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Like a Colonial Look to Your Centerpieces?

Kimberly at It's So Pretty It's Cute  has a tutorial for a Williamsburg style centerpiece that even a novice DIY'er can do.  Kimberly calls it 'the traditional Williamsburg Apple Cone.' 

Apples are attached to a nail-studded wooden cone, so they last a long time.  This makes them perfect to make ahead for your wedding, no fading or drooping flowers.  The scent of the apples alone will enhance your wedding.

This centerpiece requires apples, a pineapple, and greenery (boxwood and magnolia leaves), as well as a wooden cone and nails.  Be sure to visit Kimberly at her blog and see what other incredible ideas she has for you. She is one creative lady!

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JennaS said...

So nice! Easy to do ahead of time too.