Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Give Those Mason Jars a Lift--Add Your Monogram Yourself!

As pretty as these mason jars are, check out the upgrade below to see how to really make them pop!

Mason jars are perfect for serving summer cool drinks like lemonades but sometimes it's the presentation that makes all the difference.  Use etching cream (like Armour Etch, found at your local craft store) and make a template by tracing your monogram onto some Contact paper.  Cut out your monogram with a craft knife and stick the Contact paper to the mason jar.  Use a Q-tip for an applicator and put the etching cream over your monogram (use gloves so no etching cream gets on your hands).  Let sit for about five minutes. Rinse and peel off paper, then let dry.  It may look like it isn't etched after rinsing, be patient, it will.  Then wash to be sure all etching chemicals are removed.  Serve you drinks at your wedding in these upgraded mason jars with your own personal touch.  Photo and basic directions courtesy of Southern Bride Magazine.

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