Monday, March 7, 2011

Rubber Stamp DIY Project For Wedding Showers

Looking for a great way to decorate for a wedding shower? Try this unique idea from the creative minds at Paper Source. 

Start with sugar covering the bottom of a small bowl, then add liquid food coloring until you get your desired color (go slightly darker since the sugar will lighten the color) and add a splash of water, the consistency should be comparable to PVA glue. Just play with it, adding and balancing until you find the right mix.

Then apply the edible paste to the rubber stamp of your choice with a paper towel to control the coverage and gently and evenly press the stamp onto a plain glass plate like the one in the photo.  Let plates dry before stacking.  Once dry you will have no problem stacking for your buffet.  An idea that isn't expensive but sure looks it!

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