Wednesday, May 25, 2011

O I Love O Glasses

See link below for hanging garden for photo and idea credits

I was watching the Nate Berkus show today and some apothocary jars by William Sonoma caught my eye.  He'd filled them with lemons and limes, a nice, clean and bright centerpiece.  This wasn't my favorite part of the bit though.

As he continued the piece about '5 great buys under $50' he had a Riedel Stemless O Glass filled with tulips! What a fabulous idea for a wedding centerpiece. He wasn't featuring it was one of his great buys it was just on the table with some coasters.  But how easy! I know you may be thinking Riedel, wow, pricey.  But various companies like Libby's make stemless glasses that are similar to Riedel glasses but are just a fraction of the cost.  (see the link above to to buy your Libby's Glasses).  Just add flowers and Voila! A modern centerpiece without breaking the bank!

If you want a more personalized look consider etching your monogram into the glasses before adding the flowers.  Again, inexpensive and easy! Remember Me Gifts Online will etch it for you if you don't feel comfortable DIY'ing. 

All right, I admit it, I love stemless wine glasses! I use mine for iced tea, water and wine.  Talk about a multi-purpose piece of glass! Now I can add using it as a vase! I recommend using the inexpensive glasses as a vase, that way you can run them up and down a long table top or have multiple vases per table.  Or etch your table numbers on the glass and add your flowers--double duty!  The ideas just keep coming!  I also found these great photos of using them outdoors to make a hanging garden (top photo and bottom photo). 

For directions on etching try this site.  I looked at a lot of DIY sites for etching and this was my favorite.  I'm sure You Tube has some how to videos as well.  Happy Etching!

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