Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rustic Look Lighting

Create this DIY candlelit nest of dodder vines by putting a vase within a vase.  Surround the smaller vase with dodder vine and add some feathers or tiny eggs (please NOT real eggs, your candle will cook them!) Take care that none of the vine hangs over the center vase where you will place your candle.  Add a real candle to the center vase (or consider using a battery operated vase if your venue won't allow real candles.)  Always test your centerpieces to be sure the glass is tempered and won't break as it heats up. 

You can buy dodder vine at your florist or from the craft store.  It is green when fresh so allow time to dry it out if you aren't buying it already aged.  It looks beautifully rustic as it ages, and with the accent of the feathers and eggs will make a unique DIY centerpiece from Donna Hay

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