Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Dole of Doves At Your Wedding - Cookie Style

Releasing doves at a wedding ceremony is a nice accent on your wedding day. But a bit impractical for most of us.  Instead why not bake a dole of doves to serve to your wedding guests. (ha! learned a new word didn't you? Groups of doves can be flocks but dole is a lot more fun!)

Doves at weddings represent love, unity, happiness and eternal life.  On Diary of A Mad Hausfrau you can find these great dove cookies that are perfect to serve to your wedding guests.  There is a recipe for her sugar cookies posted there as well as a tutorial on decorating the doves.  She'll show you how she added some 'disco dust' to the wings and tail to jazz up the cookies.  It is both an art and science to produce these cookies for your wedding guests.

Photo credits: Diary of A Mad Hausfrau

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