Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lilly Pulitzer Christmas Flowers For Weddings

Are you a Lilly fan? No not the lilies with one L, Lilly with 2 LL's ...Lilly Pulitzer! What you don't know Lilly? Lilly Pulitzer was just 21 years old when she eloped and married Peter Pulitzer and escaped the insanity and cold New York City winters for the sand and sun of Palm Beach.  Peter was running the family orange groves so Lilly started,, what else? a juice stand.  Yes, you guessed it, juicing is messy work and pretty soon her new biz resulted in a wardrobe inadvertantly 'dyed' bright colors.  So instead of dragging out the bleach or throwing out her wardrobe, Lilly adapted and started a line of bright colored shift dresses in the hues of the fruit she juiced! Her dresses were all bright colored prints and they quickly became the rage in resorts all over the USA.  Even Jackie Kennedy was wearing Lilly. 

Move forward to today and fashion forward people still love Lilly! Are you a Lilly fan?  Have you always wanted a Lilly wedding? If so try some of these great ways to bring a litttle extra zing to your wedding day. 

Follow in Lilly's footsteps and stay with those bright hues.  What? You can't find Christmas wedding flowers in Lilly's signature hues? It's time to break out the the spray paint by Design Master.

Pink Glow energizes a coral poinsettia, then decorate w/loose micro glitter adhered w/ Glue For Glitter for the pink look.  For that hot glowing green? Olive bright color on a white poinsettia is soon to be a wedding fave. 

Add napery in Lilly's signature materials if you want still more of a Lilly Look. (See previous post on a wedding shower in Lilly).  Resources for the above two photos there.


barn weddings said...

this is so cool and simple that enough from my budget.

She & He said...

Glad you like it! That's why I do this blog. I know there are all too many brides out there who are trying to have a great looking wedding on a budget but who don't want it to look that way! If you end up using it email me some photos, I'd love to publish them as a guest post. Thanks for commenting!