Saturday, October 20, 2012

Peacock Wreaths For Your Wedding

I admit, I tried this first without finding a tutorial--big mistake! Because what I didn't realize was you needed a base of green chandelle or turkey feather boas, once I figured that out the rest was so easy you may not even need the link for the tutorial that I posted under the photo of my wreath. Granted, they hung their wreath using a purple satin ribbon, but since I was making mine to add to my 'collection' of peacock feather decorations for weddings, I left the ribbon off.
Two critical tips for my success: First: be sure to let the paint dry before you try to attach anything, rushing it will not work. Second be sure to use spray glue, it's so much easier with feathers than hot glue or other craft glues.
This is time consuming the first time but if you are making several, by the time you get to the last one you'll be cranking them out pretty quickly. I tossed the first two I tried (one, I didn't let the paint dry, the second, I tried to used hot glue and made a huge mess!) But after that it was pretty easy.
Be sure to work where you have plenty of ventilation (I ended up using my front yard.) My neighbors were intrigued. But now my grass has some paint on it (one good reason to work outside, it's not on my floors. Just do it on a calm day and stay away from your cars.) Good luck, have fun and enjoy your wedding day.

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