Sunday, October 7, 2012

Easy Fondant Roses

Make these gorgeous roses from fondant/gumpaste to decorate the tops of  your cupcakes (or cakes). These are remarkably easy, just need a little patience and the right materials. Watch the tutorial, and give it a try.

I suggest reading the comments, it might make your project go a little more smoothly and/or just make it go faster.  Some info I found useful: be sure you don't place these in the sun to dry, the color will bleach out, also do not put the flowers in the refrigerator. Place the flowers on the cupcakes right before placing on display on your dessert table. You can use an egg carton in place of the plastic watercolor palette, not sure if the cardboard would absorb the dampness faster or not, just a thought.

***Most important: THAT IS NOT NAIL POLISH or EGGS used at the end to stick the white 'pearls' in the center. Obviously (or at least I thought obviously, but some people missed it) raw egg is not something you want to serve guests (can you say salmonella?) and neither is nail polish. (Shaking my head is wonder that anyone would think to use nail polish on something they were eating!)

I recommend doing a trial run or two before a special occasion so you have it down to a science!  How hard are these to make? They definitely are not EEEBCDI (Easy Enough Even Bill Can Do It), (anyone who reads my blog knows that my husband Bill tests out my craft ideas so I know which ones a total novice can handle.) This one requires more patience than he has for anything craft/or food prep related. So be prepared to put a little more work into it.

Enjoy the YouTube video by Cakes By Merry. And look for other tutorials by the same author on YouTube.

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