Saturday, December 22, 2012

DIY Floating Canopy For Your Wedding

Photo and directions from Home Interior Ideas
Looking for a unique way to mark your wedding location in your local park or back yard? Why not try this canopy that floats courtesy of multiple balloons. How do you do it? The balloons are attached to the grounds using fishing line, invisible but strong. How cool is this? I think this is one of my favorite do it yourself outdoor wedding ideas.
Arrange your ceremony under one end, your reception at the other, or use one half the canopy for your ceremony and chairs for your guests to relax on, and the other half for the reception. No matter how you decide to arrange the details the overall look is striking.


Nicole Buckingham said...

OH I didn't even know this was really possible. love.

I set this silly sort of goal to visit and follow, where I can and am not already, every mom on the December Bloggy Mom Hop list. It's slightly insane, although sweet to see how wonderfully diverse and incredibly smart and resourceful we all are. Geesh we're pretty stinkin' fabulous. =)

If you're up for a bit of a ride I'd love for you to join me at Local Sugar Hawaii and we're sharing and growing together at An Aloha Affair this weekend. You are always welcome, Always.

Nancy said...

Thanks for visiting Nicole! This is such a cool way to have a canopy, I totally fell in love w/it so thought I'd share it with my readers. Will head over to visit you shortly (Well online anyway, would far rather be boarding a plane for Hawaii but... ) Nancy