Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tutorial on Making Your Own Wedding Cake

Are you that brave bride (or mother of the bride) who is taking the huge step to make your own wedding cake? If so you want to head to Epicurious' tutorial. They have step by step directions plus a recipe for a Lemon-Raspberry Wedding Cake and a video to help you through every step from start to finish. With wedding cakes costing at least $400 (and that's a low estimate) making your own cake can save quite a significant amount of cash. (In my case it wasn't I was too chicken to make the cake, it was transporting it that made me hire someone!) I could just see all the layers smashed on the floor of my Tracker! NOT! At least not for my daughter's wedding. I don't want to try something for the first time when it's an important occasion and one where I'll be busy running around as it is. But if you are a gutsy bride, give it a try. Epicurious gives you all the info you need to pull it off.

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