Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Smart Bride's Way To DIY

Have you considered making centerpieces out of glass for your wedding day? The Butterfly Cloche above from Country Living Magazine would make a great highlight for a wedding featuring butterflies or nature themes. For the tutorial (and other great craft ideas) go to Country Living Magazine.
No bride wants to get so bogged down in a diy project that her wedding planning starts to become work. For a bride planning a DIY wedding, choosing extremely difficult or time consuming projects takes away the fun factor!
If you are looking for a less formal look, try these mini domes. They are made using glasses (turned upside down of course) with tiny keepsakes inside. Personalize your guests' wedding tables with 'a few of your favorite things.' To find the tutorial go to Country Living Magazine online. I love the personal look these give you. You don't have to use them for all the tables, but they would be cute added to your guest book table or other side table.
The best part of these DIY projects? They are rated EEEBCDI (easy enough even Bill can do it).  For those of you just starting to read my blog you may not realize I am not crafty, but my husband is worse. I mean he's great at some things, fixing things, putting things together, but not tiny little projects like this. So I test out the ease of the tutorial by having him try them out. If it's rated EEEBCDI, your groom should have no problem either, which makes these projects all the more fun. Or if you are all thumbs, they will be easy enough you can do them without the stress no bride to be needs during her wedding planning! Have fun, that's the whole point of this!


Cindy Rutberg said...

The Butterfly Cloche reminds me of my wedding 5 years ago. The guests, especially the kids, love looking at my butterfly-themed set of wedding ceremony supplies. My favors also have butterflies on them and my friends are hovering on them!;)

Nancy said...

Glad you liked the post Cindy. Butterflies make such a nice addition to weddings, although I am personally not a big fan of live butterfly releases, have seen that go bad more than once.