Monday, December 10, 2012

Sealed With A Kiss? Nope, A Label.

Mail details courtesy of I Still Love You
Do you love those little details but don't have the time or skill to add them yourself? Or you lack the calligraphy skills to do these by hand? Melissa Esplin from I Still Love You has figured out a quick and easy way to use your printer and Avery Labels to let you give your invitations a classic look. Not only that she provides you with a free download on her site. So head over there now and see just how simple this is.
I tested this on my husband Bill (of (EEEBCDI) Easy Enough Even Bill Can Do It fame.) For new readers, my husband tests my DIY projects to see just how easy they are to do. He's not at all crafty and not graphically inclined. It's a good thing I only had a couple of sheets of clear labels left or he would still be in there printing these! He loves an easy project. So if he can do it, you can too, or your fiance can. No more waffling out of pre-wedding projects by saying 'it's too hard.' This one is EEEBCDI, so if Bill can do it he can do it too!

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