Tuesday, June 1, 2010

DIY Wedding Flowers, Rules for the Road -- DIY and Stay Calm

Do It Yourself -- The good thing about doing it yourself is there are very few rules! But here are a few suggestions that may help you on your road to becoming a CALM DIY bride.

1.  Don't let DIY intimidate you.  Let your creative side out to play.  Remember, this is YOUR day, not a wedding planners, not your mother's or his mother's.  So be creative and be YOU!
2.  Buy your fresh flowers from a local grocery store.  Talk to the manager or manager of their floral departments and let them know what flowers you need.  Be sure they order enough for you.  The prices will be better than getting them through your florist.  Try Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Costco etc.
3.  Consider using creative vessels.  Go wth mason jars, flea market finds or old vases from a yard sale.
4.  Cut stems at and angle.
5.  Flowers should not be more than twice the height of your vase.  Don't let the blooms overwhelm the vase.
6.  Consider using just one flower, or just one color flower with some greenery.  It's less expensive and easier to arrange.
7.  Don't be afraid to ask for help.  A DIY wedding doesn't mean a do it BY YOURSELF wedding.  Enlist the help of parents, bridesmaids, sisters etc. 
8.  Remember, enjoy your DIY projects, especially flowers.  If they are about to overwhelm you, it's time to get a professional to help you out.


Cassie said...

Good info.

MegnDave said...

DIY not DI BY YOURSELF! WOW words to live by!

casey said...

Whole Foods is a great place for flowers near where I live. Plus they have great candles! I've mystery shopped them so every time I go in I pick up some more candles for centerpieces, then I not only get paid the company pays for my candles! NICE!

cathy g said...

Easy idea!

Tami said...

Love daffodils! Wonder if I could grow my own if I planted them now?