Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Easy DIY Napkin Rings

Photo from Heart of Light
It's not everyday you find a DIY project that is super easy to make and will add a unique touch to your wedding day. These napkin rings act as place cards as well as napkin rings--a double whammy. Made by the crafty group at Heart of Light, these are made with heavy stock paper and zots (if you've never used zots you will be blown away at how easy them make crafting!) Plus download this. For step by step directions head over to Heart of Light.
This is guaranteed to be an EEEBCDI(Easy enough even Bill can do it) project so your fiance can give you some help with these--no excuses about not being crafty! If you don't read my blog regularly, these are projects that my  husband (the least crafty man in the world) has tested for me to see how easy they REALLY are to make. If he can do it, anyone can, your man included.
So take a night and knock out some of these beauties to decorate your tables for your wedding reception. Or if  you are newly married why not use them for your first dinner party as newlyweds? Have fun!

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