Friday, May 28, 2010

Dyeing Your Crinoline, a Complete Guide

A bride on The Wedding Bee ( gives these directions for dying your crinoline.  Some brides like to dye them blue, some a pretty pink, the choice is yours.  The directions are as follows (I only tested them on a little girls crinoline to save money so follow with care). 

Most important:  Buy a crinoline that is NOT polyester.  The bride who posted used a nylon taffeta crinoline she purchased at David's Bridal.  Her info is that all David's Bridal crinolines are nylon, though it's possible that has changed, so check the tags.
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First run the crinoline through the washer with a small amount of soap; wash it on delicate to remove any sizing or fixative in the fabric.  Then take out the crinoline and untangle it.  (You might want to put a piece of plastic on the floor to catch all the water it can get messy). 

Next fill the washer basin up halfway (she has 4 settings, as do I, and she used the 2nd setting) with hot water. Stop the washer before it starts to agitate.  Be sure your crinoline is still wet through.  Add your liquid dye to the water in the washer. 

With a wet crinoline in your hand, add the dye to a washer half full of water.  DO NOT put the crinoline in before this step.  Agitate the dye and water for a few seconds. (about 5 seconds), to mix the dye evenly.  With you hands in heavy duty rubber gloves (so you don't end up with dyed hands) push the crinoline back into the washer. 

When putting the crinoline in the washer unzip it and put it around the spindle, almost as though you are 'dressing' it.  I did this because I was concerned about getting a tie-dyed look.  Fortunately it didn't. 

Once the crinoline is submerged in water, turn it back on and let it agitate on gentle.  Depending on how dark you want the crinoline you may want to do one or two bottles of dye.  Keep a sample of the color you are looking for near the washer so it's easy to compare.  Mine came out a little darker than I wanted but since it was under my gown and the only pink was my crinoline and flowers the color was fine.  Deeper colors may need more dye. 

After you have allowed the crinoline to agitate for the desired amount of time, let the wash cycle finish. Be sure the water runs clear to avoid staining the inside of your dress the color of your crinoline. This is  doubtful, as you would have to go swimming in them, but still…).

Finally, hang to dry in the bathroom. 

I hope you enjoy your crinoline and it's hint of color to accent your wedding day.

If you want photos and additional directions try:  Sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words! 


MaggieJ said...

So cool! I wish there was company to do it for me though, not wild about adding dye to my washer, afraid it won't come out and will end up on my clothes!

taraB said...

Don't worry maggie if you're back reading this, I've done it, piece of cake in the long run, much easier than tie dyeing shirts etc. Not as messy because of light colors. I used lavendar so it's a hint of color instead of the brights in the pics here.

Jaz said...

Just helped my gf do this, she's getting married next week so I was really worried! But it did work and it kicks it! She's getting married at the beach and it's a nice kick of color.

JJ said...

Not sure it's 'me' but my best friend would love this! Hope you don't mind if I pass it on!

caseyl said...

Wild! Love these!

PetraS said...

Love this idea! Was it messy?

CaraL said...

Fell in love with the pale pink, but think I'll look for someone to dye it for me, am chicken!

PeggySue said...


FeliciaF said...

I just might try this out! I got my crinoline 2nd hand so....not much of a loss if i mess it up.

cathy g said...

Love how these look! My best friend did hers and it came out really well! Looked great!