Thursday, June 16, 2011

Download and Print Has New Templates Available

Download and Print is my favorite site for inexpensive invitation design.  Your cost? Anywhere from $24.95 for unlimited access to all templates for a year plus tech support for them down to free templates.  You sure can't beat the price! Of course you still need to pay for paper, ink, and assembly items (like a cutter and boner) but if you are a crafter you may have these already or know someone who does.  (This is where you fall in love with your mother-in-law to be who is a crafter from way back and knows all the ropes! Or your sister-in-law to be etc.)  Have an invite assembly party--a little wine (AFTER YOU PROOF THE TEMPLATE), some good food, and some good friends make this DIY project a winner all the way around.  I haven't tested the new templates yet (there's a Retro Pocket Fold Invitation Template, a Flourish RSVP card, and a Diamond Enclosure Card Template that have just been posted).  Visit Download and Print and fall in love! Why pay high invitation costs if you can DIY?

My favorite template is the Hydrangea template (and aside for the aesthetics of it, IT IS FREE).  Lots more options to suit every bride so visit today and tell us which you favorite is and why.  Templates are announced via email or on their Facebook page every Friday.

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