Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Unusual Interactive Centerpieces

I have to admit, I totally fell in love with this idea.  By now you've recognized the pieces to a game of Tetris! Offbeat Bride's guest poster Terra tells you how to make these beauties for your own wedding.  As a fan of Tetris I can see how these would appeal to the gamers out there.  Use your wedding colors or go metallic like Terra did.  You could even put them on a mirror base to give it some more glitz.  Smaller versions could be used as place cards by adding each guest's name along the cubes.  So if you've got game, head over to Offbeat Bride and see more photos and directions on how to make these Tetris-like centerpieces.

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Italian Fine Arts said...

It's cool! You can change the arrangement everyday to make it cooler.