Sunday, September 8, 2013

Easy Do It Yourself Centerpieces

Photo courtesy of Lovely Wedding Day
Making your own centerpieces can be as easy as floating flowers and candles in water. Secure your favorite flowers, roses, orchids, tulips. You don't have to use real flowers, silk will do, which makes your timing much easier.
You can make these ahead of time with less worry of dying flowers. Anchor the flowers by either gluing to the bottom of your vase or by using floral stones. Add a floating candle to the top of your design and voila! The perfect centerpiece is ready to be put on the table, just waiting for the reception to begin and candles to be lit.
Photo courtesy of Lovely Wedding Day
Be sure your vase is tempered glass so that it won't shatter when the candle has been lit for awhile. I once arrived at a wedding just in time to see all the centerpieces shatter one after the other. That's a mess you just don't need on  your wedding day. These easy centerpieces can be clustered in a group or used as a single piece. Add some votive candles on a mirror to add some depth.
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