Sunday, September 8, 2013

Midas Touch Turns Everything to Gold

Photo by Lee Mae Marie
Looking for an easy way to glam up your wedding and go for the gold with centerpieces? Make some glitzed candlesticks. Buy inexpensive wooden candlesticks (you can pick some up in the Dollar Store or your local craft store), paint them gold, then cover with gold glitter. Easy and gives you a wow factor.
If you just want a gilded look, head to Lowe's and buy paint called "Midas Touch" that will give anything you paint with it a gilded look.
You can also upgrade some old vases by using some Midas Touch gold paint and painting a design on the clear glass--upgrade those vases with just a few touches of your brush.
Have boring table numbers? Add the glam with Midas Touch. They will go from ho hum to wow in just a few minutes.
Edge your chalkboard with Midas Touch to add some glam to your chalkboard. The uses are endless!  Add you ideas for using Midas Touch paint for crafting for weddings. 

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