Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rose Petals and Tabletops - Easy DIY Project

Scattering rose petals on a tabletop adds 'something extra' to your tablescape, but here's a great way to do use rose petals that will pull everyone's attention to your decor. Grab your hot glue gun and your silk rose petals and glue them to the table runner or organza overlay! Simple. (Though not necessarily fast).  Be sure to leave ample time for them to dry and don't use too much glue or the material will be glued to whatever is underneath it. You can also make bows for the back of the chairs for the bride and groom that are covered with rose petals. Just don't overdo it. If you think doing this on every table is too much, consider using it for your cake table.
Every wedding is memorable for different reasons. Some for the entertainment, some for the great venue, some for the inventive food--but every event should have some memorable very special decorations. If you use this rose petal runner you don't need expensive centerpieces, a simple silver vase with a small floral arrangement or some silver candlesticks will finish off the look. 
Don't forget to use rental products when you can instead of purchasing everything. The runner or overlays you will need to purchase because you'll be adding the rose petals to them--which means you get to keep them! (Not sure what you'll do with them later, although one would be great for Valentine's Day celebrations.)  

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