Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fall Dollar Store Decor

I admit, I'm getting into fall theme weddings with a lot of pumpkin ideas, but this one? This one is for my youngest daughter. She loves all things leopard (much to my dismay!) Leopard Print Pumpkins!

This isn't something new. She's been in love with leopard prints since middle school (I won't say what year that was but it's been a long, long time!)

So this year for Halloween I'm making her these beauties. Must admit, I don't hate leopard on pumpkins as much as I did on those stretch pants she once tried to talk me into buying for her (not on my 5th grader!) (I now know just why schools say "Uniforms Only!")

To make these all you need is some Mod Podge, leopard design tissue paper and some decorations for the tops of these Dollar Store pumpkins.

If you're a bride who loves living on the edge (or are a leopard lover like my daughter) feel free to use these for your wedding (although I'd be more likely to just use them to decorate the house for fall guests). But keep in mind, if you can do it with leopard tissue paper you can do it with some of the lace look tissue paper or other designs. So give it a try! 

Your Dollar Store and Craft Store are the only place to shop for the needed items for this project. And you can probably make your own version of Mod Podge if you surf the net to find the recipe.  I love Dollar Store Decor! If you can't find tissue paper to please you in the Dollar Store just search online, there are huge selections for every taste!

This certainly rates as one of the most unusual decorations you can make from the Dollar Store!

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