Monday, April 25, 2011

DIY Mini Bacon Cups

Crazy about bacon? Having a brunch wedding? Or an after wedding breakfast? These Mini Bacon Cups are easy to make ahead of time and you can fill them with fluffy scrambled eggs (see photo).  The step by step directions for making these delish (and yes, I admit fattening) little breakfast goodies is on the Intrusctables Web Page, author threeforks. 

You don't have to use these for brunch, but can add use them on a mashed potato bar (I know, more calories) top with some cheddar cheese (I know, I'll run those pounds off!) and maybe some scallions or chives--my mouth is watering. 

I've seen these made with Pyrex custard cups or some people suggest actually turning the cupcake pan upside down to help drain off any fat. However you make them, expect them to shrink.  These will actually look like you used a mini cupcake pan once they are finished cooking.   

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