Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dollar Store, Michaels, & DIY Glowing Table Numbers

Weddzilla is one of my favorite wedding blogs! It is written by a group of bloggers so you get an interesting combination of wedding ideas.  The blog offers creative and interesting info on all things bridal, so sign up to follow it today!

Until then you can click on this link to their directions to make glowing table numbers.  Everything you need can be purchased at your local Dollar Store or Michaels craft store.  (See Michaels coupons for 50% off for this Friday!) While I am not in love with the numbers in red on the candles(which you can see in the additional photos their blog), the gold votives are great and an inexpensive addition to your tablescape. 
The table setup above is just a mock up not using the actual flowers, but just shows the set up for the tables.  I really love the way the candles glow and are burnished with gold! So don't forget, sign up to get Weddzilla sent to your email address for all their great ideas hot off the press! Just fill out where it says 'Never Miss a Tip, Subscribe Now.'


Manda Mack said...

DIY Bride here (known in the blogging realm outside of Weddzilla as MandaMack). Thanks so much for linking to my post! And I promise the numbers in red will look much better once I get them to look the way I want them to! haha, I'm not happy with them right now either!

Nancy Vecchione said...

Let me know when you get them just the way you want them and I'll add the photo to the blog! You are soooo creative, this uncrafty woman is impressed w/how you turned Dollar and Craft Store items into glowing gold!