Friday, February 17, 2012

Heart Beet Ravioli?

Photo courtesy of My New Roots

Heart Shaped Beef Ravioli? OK, I admit, I have never been a big beet fan. I blame this on a childhood of pickled beets from a can (yuck!) But this beautiful (and tasty) beet recipe for Heart Shaped Beet Ravioli from  My New Roots not only look great but the taste is like no ravioli you've ever had before!  

Photo of stuffing for Heart Shaped Beef Ravioli Courtesy of My New Roots

Don't know just how to make these? The exact recipe for both the stuffing and the outer beets and pesto oil can all be found on the My New Roots web page where you'll also find yet more delish recipes (though not all in romantic heart shapes!)  Be sure to take your time browsing through the rest of the site while you are there.

This creative use of these candy-striped beets just blew me away! So if you're looking for a romantic but healthy option for food try these heart-shaped beet ravioli.  I fell in love with the ravioli! You will too.

Looking for a dough based beet ravioli? Not to worry.  Head over to Petite Kitchenesse where they'll show you a different version of beet ravioli.  Never let it be said I don't offer you options! These are beet and  chèvre ravioli.  Head on over to find their recipe and read the comments for how to keep the 'beetness' or red color in your ravioli.

OK, now you have it, all the beet ravioli you can stand! Till next year anyway! 

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