Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DIY Shabby Chic Votive Candles

Photo and tutorial courtesy of Fellow Fellow

Love the look of these DIY shabby chic votives? The web site Fellow Fellow has a great tutorial on how to make them. The great news here is this is an EEEBCDI (Easy Enough Even Bill Can Do It) which as my readers know means ANYONE can do it, even my husband whose crafting nickname is Bill All-Thumbs. (Ah Bill, you know I love you anyway!) Any guy who helps test out bridal craft projects gets an A+ in my book! 

Anyway the entire tutorial is on the Fellow Fellow site, so head on over there to see the details. I just share enough of the idea to whet your appetite, but I don't post the details because they're theirs and you SO want to head over there to Fellow Fellow to see the necessary details of the tutorial and the rest of their great ideas as well.  

I will however post this heads up--you might want to use the battery operated votives candles in these(sold at your local Bed, Bath and Beyond and lots of other similar stores), safety above all else. Would hate to have the fireman showing up at your wedding reception!

I'm sure Fellow, Fellow will become a bookmarked and frequently visited site even after your wedding is over.

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