Saturday, February 25, 2012

DIY Topiary Balls - Perfect for Winter Weddings

DIY topiary balls are one of my favorite ways to decorate. Whether its for the holidays, a party or a wedding you can use topiary to make diy decorations that are really pretty easy. 

The topiary ball shown above has been pinned with eucalyptus leaves and cranberry.  Either hang it from a doorway or let a bridesmaid  or flower girl carry it down the aisle in lieu of a bouquet or basket of flower petals. Perfect for winter weddings, especially if you're getting married around Christmas or Valentine's day. 

The wonderful thing about eucalyptus? You can pin it well in advance and just add the cranberries at the last minute, because you can use dried eucalyptus from your closest craft store. (We like Michaels). 

Be sure to take advantage of their coupons and sales during the year before your wedding.  And if you happen to be a teacher Michaels honors some other craft store's teacher discount cards.  You might as well save as much money as possible!

Don't forget to check the other topiary DIY posts on my blogs... I know, I'm a topiary addict! I have no excuses! But the good thing about that? It gives you lots to choose from for your wedding.

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