Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wine, Candlelight... Centerpieces!

Ever wondered what to do with all those old wine corks you have accumulated after ALL those parties with friends (yes, I know, you didn't drink all those cases of wine all by yourself! Sure you didn't!)How about this great DIY project?

Anyone can do it, it's a SEEBCDI(as my older readers know this means its 'so easy even Bill can do it' (Bill being my ever patient husband who is all thumbs when it comes to crafting who tests out just how hard (or easy) a DIY project is.) I promised him ... well we won't go there... lets just say he is well compensated for being a craft guinea pig! Anyway according to Bill this is 'a piece of cake' (wedding cake that is!).

So if you're not too crafty but want a DIY centerpiece or accents for your wedding, try this centerpiece out. Oh, and btw, sometimes Whole Foods collects old wine corks so you aren't FORCED to drink all that wine! I know, it would be such a hardship to share a few bottles with more than a few friends! So party on, don't drink and drive, and you'll love how easy this project is! You can find the tutorial here, at two twenty one.

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