Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DIY Nautical Theme Wedding Invitations

   Love nautical themed weddings? These DIY wedding invitations found on Pinterest (credited to 1.bp.blogspot.com) look easy to make. Plan your template and cut and paste(and of course print the invites in navy ink!). I couldn't find the primary link for this other than what's posted, if anyone has it let me know and I'll link it.


Sayed Ali said...

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Nancy Ross Vecchione said...

Glad you liked them, try to have something for everyone!

New Energy said...

I really liked the Navy blue color. I think it gives a more formal character to a wedding invitation.
White is very common and it is used by almost everyone getting married nowadays. A darker color, like black, would make it too classic and it would not be a good choice to lift the bride and the groom’s mood.
Another detail that I liked is the anchor. It can become a symbol showing that the “boats” of the bride and the groom have found a safe place away from rough seas and this is where they can drop anchor.

Wedding Invitation said...

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Nancy Ross Vecchione said...

These seem to be a popular invitation choice. I love finding invitations that are a little bit different so that brides and grooms who want an option from the 'formal' invites can have a wider choice.