Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wearing Angry Birds

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

Etsy artists can make you unique shoes to wear for your wedding. Are you and your fiance Angry Birds addicts? Here is a unique pair of shoes (found on Pinterest post by Lisa Lightner), perfect for a bride who wants a pair of kick a** shoes to wear either with her gown or as she leaves her reception.

Sure, you can wear Converse, plain or hand painted, or high heeled Nikes, or a pair of hot color ballet shoes but Angry Birds, well they just 'say something.'  Are you a gutsy bride who wants to really make a statement? If so, these are YOUR SHOES! Angry Bird Shoes, made by Assassin Apparel. Go to Assassin Apparal's Etsy shop to buy these and other great fun shoes.

Not quite 'your thing' for your wedding? Why not pick up a pair for fun summer wear. Great with the primary colors you'll be wearing, especially those jeans in great colors.  I suppose you could wear them with boring 'same old' denim but WHY?

So order yourself your own pair of 'angry bird' shoes and GAME ON!

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