Saturday, March 24, 2012

DIY Card Box

Making a card box for your wedding? The few items above plus a selection of varied size boxes can turn a few simple items from your craft store into the card box you see below. Go from plain to Lilly Pulitzer Palm Beach glam.

For the tutorial visit the site Chelsea Gets Married.  This site gives you the step by step directions to make this simple yet glam card box. Loving the green and pink combo! A DIY project is perfect in Lilly colors since if you know anything about Lilly, you know her trademark clothing started when she had some simple shift dresses in bright splotches of color designs made to hide juice stains on her dresses. She took the simple and mundane, albeit bright color prints and turned them into a must-have for every woman, including her friend Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy. So if you want your wedding to look like it was styled by the best, this card box will help you achieve that look.

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