Thursday, March 8, 2012

DIY Petit Fours

Photo and tutorial courtesy of Cake Journal

Ever wonder how bakeries make those gorgeous little petit fours? I know, it looks so hard.  But actually if you follow Cake Journal's tutorial (found at this link) it's, dare I say it? A piece of cake!

This tutorial not only gives you a step by step process but if you read the comments you can avoid the pitfalls other bakers have run into.  There are lots of great suggestions to help you make these petit fours successfully.

You can use almost any pound cake recipe as the base for these.  Choose to use an unfilled petit four or fill them with raspberry or apricot jam. 

You can also decorate using an assortment of tools, some you buy at Michael's or your local craft or cake decorating store, others you can make at home using something you already have on hand.

Let me know how your petit fours turn out.  Did you add flavoring?  What color icing and flowers did you use? 

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