Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cupcakes At Your Wedding? Why Not?

Have you considered having a tower of cupcakes at your wedding instead of a traditional wedding cake? Or maybe a single 'cake top' surrounded by cupcakes for your guests? Towers of cupcakes are not only economical but they're easy to do yourself.

Is a cupcake tower right for you and your wedding? It's something to think about.

The biggest benefit of a cupcake tower is the cash it saves you. And if you're like most brides saving money is high on your list of priorities. According to the experts at The Bridal Association of America the average wedding cake cost $543.00.  A mid-range two to three tier cake in common flavors like vanilla, chocolate, lemon poppy seed, or carrot cake with either butter cream icing or fondant decorations cost is about five to six dollars a slice (ouch!) and goes up to approximately ten dollars a slice for fancier cakes.  Cupcakes are approximately two to three dollars each depending on how extravagant the decorations on it are. Now you see why cost ranks high on the reasons to consider having a cupcake tower! A cost quote for a cupcake tower for a wedding is $370. This includes 200 cupcakes (75 vanilla, 50 carrot cake, and 75 red velvet). In addition they offered two small cakes nicely decorated, to cut at the reception, one to save for the couple's first anniversary. Don't forget venues also often tack on a 'cutting fee' to slice your wedding cake, so you need to add that cost to the $543.

The best part of a cupcake tower is you really can do it yourself! While most of us lack the necessary skills to pull off an elegant, multi-tier wedding cake, cupcakes are 'a piece of cake!' Decide on your flavors, taste test, and then test designs for decorating. The Internet is full of ideas for easy cupcake decorations, just choose the one that suits you best. Add some candied violets or pretty ribbons to make your cupcakes stand out.  Also consider some of the great cupcake wrappers that are available today. Many of these are laser cut in a design to fit your wedding's theme.

As a DIY bride, transporting a multi-tier wedding cake would be tricky. Cupcake towers are easy to assemble at your reception venue.  You don't have to worry about taking that corner too tightly and the cake crashing into pieces!

Along with not needed to pay your venue to slice your cake or have someone on hand at your buffet to serve the cake. Guests can easily serve themselves from a cupcake tower. No extra forks needed! Not only that, it's easy for guests to take their cupcake home if they wish.

One of the best things about a cupcake tower is you can have a variety of cake to suit every taste. If your groom wants chocolate, it's easy to combine with vanilla cupcakes, lemon or assorted other flavors. While you can switch flavors with cake tiers, it doesn't  give you cake a cohesive feel. Cupcakes almost beg to be served in a variety of flavors!

Are cupcakes for you? That's up to you and your groom. But it's certainly something to consider.  Especially if you're a diy bride on a budget!

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