Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tubs of Flowers

Photo courtesy of Samplers and Santas
Looking for easy flowers for an outdoor wedding? Marly, the wizard (hmm well whatever a female wizard is called) behind Samplers and Santas has solved the problem for brides planning an outdoor wedding who want and easy and inexpensive way to decorate with flowers.
The real genius behind this project? You can use it for years after your wedding, just change out the flowers. I do love a project that has longevity!
Visit Samplers and Santas for other great ideas as well as for the tutorial on how to pull of this project, (I assure you is one of my "EEEBCDI" ("Enough Even Bill Can Do It") project.)
If you can stick the shepherd's crook in the ground, shop for the galvanized tubs (or get the ones out of your garage that you've been tripping over all winter) and choose some flowers you're in business! Oh and then there's the 'secret rock' tip that you can't find out about without going to Marly's web site. (this is a critical tip so don't miss it!)
These tubs are great for marking the ceremony area or to use as a backdrop. I can't wait to head out to get some galvanized tubs so I can make some for my yard (even though we're not having a wedding here!)

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